How Useful Have Mascots Been In Marketing?


Published on June 20th, 2019

Every business owner is aware of how vital promoting their brand is. Marketing and promotion have been around for ages. While the concept does not change, there is something about marketing that is continuously evolving: marketing strategies.

Whichever strategy that may have been useful yesterday may not bring in the same effect today. Mascot marketing has been on the rise. You have probably come across them at the banks, malls, or your favorite burger joint.

They have played a very instrumental role in creating a brand identity and engaging customers. In a world where there is so much competition, especially when it comes to businesses, you need to think outside the box when it comes to marketing.

Most of the marketing strategies like posting on newspapers and magazines have been exploited. Almost all businesses have done it. Customers want businesses to connect with them through more engaging ways. It is for this reason that you need to find the best Hogtown mascots for your promotional strategies.

If you are wondering whether or not they will be beneficial for your brand, below are ways in which mascots can be useful.

1. They Create The Best Engagement

Mascots Been In Marketing

Mascots do an excellent job of engaging an audience. The beauty of it all is that they can be used on multiple platforms. They can be displayed at expos, community events, and so on.

All you need is to create custom mascots that will connect well with your customers and also boost both your public and online presence.

2. They Are Cost Effective


It is not always a good move to spend too much on marketing. Remember that a more significant portion of the profits generated by a business needs to be pumped back to the business.

This, however, does not mean that marketing and promotion should be ignored. If that is the case, then the business will not be able to make sales and meet its targets.

The best move is to find a marketing strategy that is effective and at the same time, cost-efficient. Mascots are amazingly cost-effective and will help you send out the message that will help grow your brand.

3. They Can Be Used With Other Strategies

As you may well be aware, social media marketing has been a handy marketing tool. This is mainly because social media platforms allow businesses to do targeted marketing and at the same time, reach bigger audiences than the other strategies allow.

Many companies have grown thanks to social media. The fantastic part is that some of them solely operate on these platforms. Now, how do mascots come in? Remember that customers love content that has life. Have you ever considered bringing life to your content marketing strategies by using mascots? Some brands have even gone the extra mile to create social media profiles for their mascots.

Remember that while creating mascots, you will be creating something that your audience can identify with. Posting mascots in your story will automatically engage your clients. For those that are not too familiar with your brand, they will be drawn to it. If designed well, mascots will help you communicate with your audience on social media platforms.

4. Personification Of Your Brand


It has always been preached how important it is to personalize your brand. Most businesses will go for celebrities and personalities that can help with that. Using celebrities, for instance, can be a bit costly. The good news is that you can use mascots for the job. Rule of the thumb still sticks: have a well-designed and custom mascot.

If used well, they give even better results that celebrity endorsements do. The good thing is that they also broaden the scope of personification.

5. Memorability

One of the best ways to create brand authority and to earn the loyalty of your customers is by offering them something memorable.

People will always remember visuals more than they would if it was text. Mascots are easy to notice and remember. They are the perfect tool for creating strong and lasting brand awareness.

As you have seen, there is no doubt that mascots have so much in store for your brand. They will help you communicate better with your audience and speed up interaction.