What Are The Best Ways To Prepare For Class 11 Maths?


Published on August 27th, 2019

Class 11 plays an important role in a student’s life as the syllabus of Class 11 are basic for Class 12 and the upcoming competitive exams.

Among all the subjects, Maths is considered to be the toughest one. Many students consider Maths as a nightmare and do not want to study it. But, what they do not realize is that Maths is not difficult when studied in the right way.

If one spends some extra time in knowing the fundamentals of the subject, Maths will never be difficult for them again.

In this article, we have listed down a few of the most effective ways that one can adopt in their preparation to excel and score well in Class 11 Maths. Read on to know more about it.

Study The Fundamentals

As mentioned earlier, knowing the fundamentals is important and the foremost thing you must do when you start studying Maths.

If you jump directly to solve problems or to the difficult chapters, you surely will lose your confidence or close the books in a couple of days.

Hence, start with the topics that you are quite familiar with and more importantly start with the basics and move onto the next level gradually.

Complete studying the entire syllabus at least two or three months before the exam so that you have enough time for practice and revision.

Prepare Your Notes

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Revision is a must thing in any preparation and it is not an easy task when you do not have the study material of the syllabus together.

Hence, prepare the notes that can help you in the time of your revision. Writing down notes not only help you for revision but also to understand the concepts more deeply as students tend to concentrate more while they note down.

Do not be worried if you do not have the proper referrals to prepare your notes. You can search for Vedantu NCERT solutions for class 11 maths and download the files that are available in PDF format. You can refer them for studies, clearing doubts and also prepare detailed notes.

Solve Previous Year Question Papers

Just studying and revising the same will not be enough to get good marks. You must practice what you have studied and the only way to do it is by solving the question papers.

Solve at least five to seven previous year question papers, starting from the latest ones. This will help you in knowing your weak areas so that you can re-work on them.

Keep a track of yourself and make sure you are not compromising on speed and accuracy. Make use of the timer if necessary, to track your speed. “Practice makes a man perfect” and hence do not stop practising until you become perfect and are not making any mistakes.

On a final note, we would like to say that you start your preparations early and use your time wisely. Since we live in a digital world, make use of the technology for your studies.

Ed-Tech companies like help the students in clearing their doubts as they provide NCERT solutions and also tutoring for various subjects.

Work hard, study well and give your best shot in the exam. Stay away from distractions and be focused on building your knowledge. All the best!!