3 Little Known-Ways To Write A Research Paper Introduction

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June 13th, 2019   |   Updated on May 18th, 2022

Many people judge a scientific article based on the introduction. This section of a research paper is supposed to provide an introduction to the essay. When writing the introductory part, you need to be creative and precise as this is the first section the audience will read.

Majority of students often get lost in their thoughts and lose the flow of the paper when doing the introduction. The good news is that they can seek the help of an essay writing website to write introductions to their papers.

The beginning of a thesis should capture the attention of the readers and motivate them to read the document to the end. You should use this part to define the subject. This information is essential for helping the audience to understand the paper.

1. What To Include In A Research Paper Introduction

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A good research paper introduction should have the following parts:


Start by introducing the topic of the study. Brainstorm for relevant titles and get additional help from the internet.

Choose an interesting and captivating title. Go for a subject that you will be able to investigate to the full extent.

Avoid subjects that are too broad to cover in your thesis or too narrow for an intriguing survey.

Capitalize the title to make it visible. There is no better way to start an essay than with a clearly outlined heading that informs the reader what the thesis is all about.


After the topic, you will need to prove its relevance. A rationale reflects on the importance of your survey and your attitude towards the issue in question. It should provide your readers with food for thought. Ensure that the rationale is precise.

Background Study

Use the background to state the key points about the investigation. If you plan to include complicated expressions in the body of the research paper, explain them in this section and show their relevance to the study.

Literature Review

To be successful in academic writing, you need to include more than just your knowledge, skills, and opinions in the thesis. You need to include a review of related works in your introduction. A literature review will help you proof your statements. Otherwise, you may sound subjective. Carry out an extensive investigation to back up your project.


This is the last part of the introduction. The thesis statement sums up all the things mentioned in this section in a scholarly manner. Generally, a hypothesis should be engaging, show the importance of the issue, and summarize the topic. It will run throughout the entire essay.


Sometimes, a quick overview of the structure is required in the first part. An outline shows the format and highlights the logical sections of the survey. Inquire with the instructor to find out if this part is required.

2. Features Of Great Research Papers

You should understand the features of a great thesis if you are to write one. These include:

  • Focus and clarity of thoughts
  • A title that grabs a reader’s attention
  • Quality sources from professional and academic journals
  • The formatting rules that are specified or those specifically designed for the discipline
  • No grammar or typing errors

3. Writing A Research Paper Is Easy

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Writing college research papers has never been an easy task for students as they also have other tasks like work, family, or examinations to prepare for. Lack of confidence, as well as pressure to perform, make it hard for students to create a good paper, and that’s where online writers come in. They will write academic essays for you, relieve your pressure, and provide a high-quality paper written by professionals that will earn you good grades.

Many students need to improve their vocabulary and writing skills if they have to write a great paper. However, despite the efforts to polish their writing skills, some of them cannot just become good writers. Even though there is plenty of information on the web for a student to use in writing academic essays, it is almost impossible to have 100 percent original papers.

Plagiarism in research documents can have detrimental impacts on one’s career. Most universities have highly-sensitive plagiarism detectors for checking submitted assignments. If you do not have time or skills, the easiest way for you to deliver a high-quality thesis is to order for one online.


Sometimes it is almost impossible to come up with a topic for your essay to leave alone writing the introduction. Choosing a captivating topic and ensure your introduction has a good flow. You can use the above tips to create a good introduction. Once you do that, you will earn not only impressive grades but also a valuable experience.