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How To Find Out A Suitable Travel Scholarship For Students


July 15th, 2019   |   Updated on August 7th, 2019

Many students catch the wanderlust bug. What is the best remedy to stop your travel fever? There are many excellent solutions like you can watch the Eiffel Tower glittering, you can ride on a little boat down the avenues of Amsterdam, you can taste fresh waffles in Belgium.

We all dream about getting one more stamp in our international passport, don’t we? The only two problems most of the students face are lack of money and a busy college schedule.

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And as for money, you can try travel scholarships. We will describe the best ones to consider.

In fact, there are thousands of new scholarships used by students all around the world. Read this information, do your own research, and be ready for the brightest experience in your life.

Best Travel Scholarships Are Waiting For You:

1. Goeuro Study Abroad Scholarship


Once you are in Europe, it is impossible to run out of hidden tourist attractions. You will definitely find a lot of fun with an accessible GoEuro European scholarship.

A student is requested to fill out a short questionnaire and try your luck to win one of the ten €2,000EUR scholarships. You must check whether your university is eligible (a list of universities is provided on the official website).

Are you ready to find yourself crossing Abbey Road in London or to throwing a coin into the Trevi fountain in Rome?! This scholarship aims to help students make their study abroad experience come true.

Europe is one of the wealthiest places with culture, history, and leisure activities. You can also participate in the GoEuro’s Instagram competition and win €500EUR awards. It is necessary to include your Instagram handle in the simple questionnaire and post any European country you dream of visiting.

Students should not forget to tag @goeuro/ #goabroad in the post. Once you won a scholarship, you can use the GoEuro application to make budget rail/air/bus bookings.

2. Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship


If you want to bring positive changes to our world, first you must see it. You can participate in more than 200 scholarships available.

Can you imagine that Gilman can cover up the entire cost of your trip?! Every year, students win 2,900 travel scholarships of $5,000. Every scholarship varies in length of study as well as in individual student’s needs.

Students can receive grants to go to foreign countries, take a foreign language course, or take a course which will flourish the national economy when students come back home.

It is an unforgettable experience and great opportunities for all students. The Gilman scholarship offers scholarships in 145 different countries all around the world.

3. Aifs Study Abroad Scholarships


When students go abroad with AIFS, they can be sure to get the ultimate experience, both travel and study.

AIFS has started its programs in 1964 and already helped more than a million students study in countries such as Asia, Australia, Europe, South Africa, and both North America and South America.

Every year, AIFS grants $800,000 travel scholarships. The organization protects its students, encourages cultural immersion, and organizes engaging social/cultural activities.

After accomplishing your scholarship program, you will notice that your way of living has changed for the better.

4. Tortuga Study Abroad Scholarship


Many students dream about fun backpacking experiences. The Tortuga Scholarship can make your dreams come true. Every winner student will receive $1,000.

You must fill out an application where you will be asked to provide necessary student/personal information. Prepare to write a 500-word essay.

Additionally, you can try your luck to win a $300 travel backpack, which you will fulfill with canteen and flashlight.

Students from the United States of America at a four-year college/university can apply for the Tortuga Scholarship. Tortuga can guarantee that your trip will be a safe and unforgettable trip. Apply for the scholarship as soon as possible.

5. Ashley Soulé Conroy Foundation Scholarship


Ashley Soulé Conroy was traveling in India in 2006 where she tragically passed away. Her family did not want her wanderlust to die, and they decided to create the Ashley Soulé Conroy Foundation to years after.

The goal of this foundation is to help students just like Ashley to study and travel. Students who win the scholarship are granted with .$4,000. This money is enough to cover a study course overseas.

You can apply for the award by filling the online application and sending it via email. You can even print the form out and send it via the post. You can be sure you will find a lot of lifelong connections along the way.


Many students proved that if there is wanderlust, nothing can stop it. Give a try and apply for one of these exciting scholarships. You will receive informative support, financial help, and motivation to study and travel to make your life interesting and complete.