4 Ways On Utilizing Adobe Photoshop Express

4 Ways On Utilizing Adobe Photoshop Express

Published on May 14th, 2020

Have you ever taken an average picture, but you thought to yourself that you can turn it into something better, something more awe-inspiring? Of course, you’ve had that thought at least once, especially in this generation.

I mean, if you want to have a great looking post online that garnishes lots of hearts, likes, and upvotes so editing a photo isn’t out-of-the-question.

You get to do plenty of stuff with your photos if you use other photo editors, but we have one of the highest recommendations for you!

Adobe photoshop express is a powerful photo editor that lets you show off your creativity and flaunt your prowess with the app by posting flawless photos online! Or by sharing it with your friends and family.

So What Is It?

Before getting into what adobe photoshop express has to offer – the best features and how to use it, we do have to break it down to you.

Adobe photoshop express is a free app that lets you edit your photos or even put them into a collage – all in the comfort of your phone!

It’s easy to use, powerful, quick, and reliable, so you’ll always get a fantastic end-product.

Adobe photoshop express has an auto-fix(pretty self-explanatory) feature that instantly adjusts and fixes your photo with just a tap.

Use the auto-fix feature first to alter the brightness, exposure, saturation, and shadows of your photo then later tweak them to your preferences with the other features the app has to offer.

The Functions They Provide

These “functions” are there to alter or adjust anything you find unpleasant or out of place. They can set things right or remove some annoying spots. They’re sort of a one-touch adjustment for your photos.

There’s an auto-fix(mentioned before), you can get excellent effects, a collage maker, a “style” applicator, and a spot healer – all for you to utilize!

Their Features

Using these features is where you get to flaunt your prowess. This is where things get more intricate and more personalized. Add your favorite captions, memes, and stickers.

You could stylize your photo with some fancy text and lay them out accordingly. You could even put in some vignettes and add a photo frame, so you’re already guaranteed to have a pretty picture!

1. Crop, Flip, Rotate And Straighten

Like many other photo editors, there are the simple photo manipulators. You know what I mean. You can crop your images to the right ratios to fit them into your desired shape.

However, there’s the rotation, straighten, and flip features within the cropper. Rotate your photo to any degree or just straighten it. Want it reflected? Then flip it, the way you want!

2. Adjustments With Slider Controls

However, if you want to get to the more specific stuff when it comes to editing your pictures, then the one-touch adjustments and slider controls are where you’d want to go.

You can adjust the brightness, contrast, exposure, and highlights, so they suit your tastes. You can de-haze or haze your photos, adjust the shadows, saturation, and sharpen to make it pretty.

3. Filters And Color Corrections

Adding filters is an excellent way of adding some freshness and hints of color without really packing in too many stickers or memes.

Another way of livening up your photos is by correcting the color schemes, changing the lighting, brightening things up, and sharpening the photo to make things look more colorful and cleaner.

4. Stickers And Text

If you want the final touches of personalization, then I definitely recommend you use some of their stickers and texts. You get to choose which splashes of color you want to be added to your photo.

If you’re going to add some inspirational quotes or words of wisdom, that’s completely viable because they have a tool for you to customize your font and text color!


Although we know that there are plenty of other great performing photo editors, we think that adobe photoshop editor is up there, near the top places.

It’s quite powerful yet still straightforward to use. You get terrific results by manipulating the specificities of your photos, which you can accurately do with adobe photoshop editor. Plus, it’s all for free!