Why Is QA Important For A Company?

Why Is QA Important

Published on January 8th, 2020

After designating a significant investment in recruiting and maintaining the top talent, you could be wondering why you need quality assurance.

Well, apart from having the best development team, you also have active quality control measures in place. With such considerations, you might initially think that quality assurance is unnecessary.

Despite your perceptions, enlisting an independent quality assurance service such as Rubygarage offers a range of benefits. If you are contemplating how QA could help your company, here is a look at some of its top benefits.

1. Improve And Maintain Your Reputation

After the successful development of a product and in-house testing, you can feel confident and launch it. However, as the development team also did the testing, due to their expectations, they could easily miss some points.

This means that, although precise control and testing are in place, the product could have some minor defects. To your customers, nonetheless, such small concerns could cause quite a fuss.

With independent quality assurance services, however, you get a chance to spot such matters before launching the product.

This ensures that you consistently deliver quality products, consequently attaining and maintaining a good reputation in the highly competitive markets that gives your business an edge.

2. Reduced Costs

After launching a product, you could realize that it is faulty. The cost of recalling such a product line is high enough, especially noting that apart from the development costs, you also incurred marketing expenses.

The retesting, replacing, and reselling costs associated with such a product line further digs deeper into your pockets, expenses that could significantly affect your company’s profitability.

Quality assurance, therefore, apart from helping your company to maintain a good reputation, helps to avoid such costs, not to mention legal expenses should the product fail to meet industry standards.

3. A Management Tool

How does your development team utilize resources? Are they cutting corners as they hurriedly strive to meet deadlines? Well, with quality assurance, you can conveniently deal with such concerns before they take a toll on your company’s operations.

Your company can utilize quality assurance as a management tool, setting in-house standards that ensure that your resources are effectively used without affecting the quality of your products.

This enhances your profitability as you can conveniently reduce costs while delivering quality products that consumers enjoy, building trust, and a significant consumer base.

In the modern fast-paced and interconnected world, companies need to implement all measures necessary to keep up with information-based consumers.

With a single product that dissatisfies your clients, your reputation can quickly be ruined, affecting your competitive edge and profitability.

For instance, with a few customers’ testimonials citing that your products are inferior, you can lose a significant following. This is noting that, unlike in the past, today, before making purchases, consumers rely on information rather than numerous ads bombarding them from left to right.

The good news, however, is that with the readily available quality assurance services, you can conveniently enlist and cost-effectively enjoy thorough testing before rolling out a product.