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20 Best Help Desk Software Which That Will Help You Stay Close To Your Customers

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September 11th, 2020   |   Updated on January 31st, 2024

If you failed to meet customers’ expectations, customers will leave you. Your customers will be acquired by your competitors which know how to care of them.

A good help desk software will help you stay close to your valuable customers. Help Desk Software’s job is to capture, track and maintain customer queries online.

For a company, it becomes a one-point center for everything related to customers. It helps you identify problems related to customer response mechanism, and also assist you in fixing them.

Nowadays every company needs a good help desk software, as most of the businesses are not done face to face. Interactions with customers have move to online world. Instead of visiting each customer individually, sales persons have to resolve customer grievances in real time.

Introduction of Help Desk Software has changed everything. Here, we have listed 20 best help desk software Of 2020 which will help you stay close to your customers.

1.  Abhisi

Abhisi is help desk software for direct interaction with customers to reply to their messages without effort. You can monitor first response times to know if customers are getting answers in a timely manner. You can also collect statistics to determine the days that are the busiest and at the times you get the most customer inquiries. You can also download and print reports with just a few mouse clicks.

Abhisi is designed to be a timesaving help desk support software. It lets you set up quick replies to your most commonly asked questions to turbo charge your replies. You no longer need to spend extra minutes typing answers to the same questions – again and agian. Preset unlimited replies to the most frequently asked questions and send them with only a few mouse clicks.

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2. Cayzu

Cayzu was built from the ground up to seamlessly handle multiple brands & products each with their own branded end-user portal. With this, you can allow your customers to communicate using various access points – your website, email, social sites and more.

Cayzu makes it a breeze to manage your call centre with quick actions, one-click assign, resolve and meaningful organization of support content.

It is completely cloud based and works seamlessly in any browser so you can help your customers from anywhere, anytime, using remote resources.

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3. Jira Service Desk

It provides IT service and support without the cost and complexity of traditional ITSM solutions. Its affordable and transparent pricing lets you get started quickly and deliver value fast. Spin up new services with Jira Service Desk’s intuitive, codeless setup and configuration.

You can also take advantage of deep integrations with other Atlassian products, like Jira Software, Confluence, Opsgenie, and Statuspage, allow for a seamless experience so teams collaborate quickly and easily.

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4. TOPdesk

It’s up to you how TOPdesk works best for your organization. Whether it’s processing incoming tickets or collaborating with multiple service teams in one tool. From ITSM and CAFM to ESM and more: It has got the flexibility & features to fit any organization.

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5. Trakdesk

It is a fully customizable customer support software and helpdesk solution with all the necessary tools to provide exceptional customer support while earning customers smiles.

With Trakdesk customizable ticket forms, you can create unlimited and dynamic ticket forms and customize each of them with their own inputs, dropdown menu, text area and checkboxes. With a user friendly interface and easy to use drag and drop function, you will surely enjoy customizing each of your ticket forms.

You can add a single or multiple forms to any ticket and populate them with the required information. This will enable you to provide support for multiple products and services, seamlessly collect required data from customers and store them in one place for easy access and management while providing a customized end-user experience.

With this you can streamline your IT support with easy call registration, effective resource planning and dynamic reporting options.

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6. Vision Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk customer service software products are categorised as help desk software, multi company help desk and ITSM service desk software.

Help Desk Software enables customer support staff to receive, process, and respond to incident or service requests. It’s a Multi channel ticket management software that allows you to centralise all your customer conversations via E-mail, Web portal, Twitter, Facebook, Phone and Chat.

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7. Service Hub

Service Hub™ has all the tools you need to delight customers at scale. You’ll give them an extraordinary and efficient experience with your company, help them help themselves, and build a base of happy customers who advocate for your business.

Service Hub™ also offers a complete help desk with built-in automation and reporting, so you can turn chats and emails into tickets that are easily organized, prioritized, and tracked. In the first quarter of 2019, Service Hub users have already resolved almost 1.4 million tickets to help create a more organized, efficient, and helpful customer service experience.

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8. Intercom

With this you can convert more website visitors into customers with targeted messages, bots, and real-time chat. You can also onboard, activate, and re-engage customers with targeted outbound messages, product tours, and email campaigns.

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9. Vision Helpdesk

It enables customer staff to receive, process, and respond to incident or service requests. It’s a Multi channel ticket management software that allows you to centralise all your customer conversations via E-mail, Web portal, Twitter, Facebook, Phone and Chat.

Its Service Desk Software is PINKVerify Certified ITIL/ITSM Compliant with features like CMDB, Asset Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Knowledgeable Management,Service Catalog, Change Management and Release Management.

Its satellite Help Desk Software allows you to manage customer support or IT service desk functionality for multiple companies, brands or products at one place. It also maintains complete isolation among companies data, staff and end users.

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10. Opsgenie

Opsgenie integrates with over 200 of the best monitoring, ITSM, ChatOps, and collaboration tools. Paired with a flexible rules engine, Opsgenie notifies the right people on-call, enabling them to take rapid action.

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11. Loop Email

Loop is the email platform that empowers collaborative teams to work better together. Communicate in real time. Respond at light speed. And take your customer support from meh to magical.

Loop gives you everything you need to work together over email. It’s the modern way for collaborative teams to create amazing customer experiences.

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12. Halp

With this, you can turn any message into a ticket with an emoji. You can also report on your team’s requests no matter where they come from. It has a powerful workflow engine paired with machine learning which ensures routine tasks and questions get resolved faster with this.

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13. ISL Light Remote Desktop

With this, you can remotely access and manage devices to provide on-demand IT support. View the screen and control a remote computer or mobile device. It is a secure and reliable remote desktop software to support your customers or access unattended computers.

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14. HelpCrunch

Scale your support, marketing and sales with HelpCrunch all-in-one toolset – everything you need is now in one place. It helps you stay in touch with customers anytime, wherever you are, on web and mobile. With this, you can also assist them via chat, email, and offer a 24/7 customer self-service through a knowledge base.

You can also send beautiful newsletters, targeted deal promotions and set up automated behavior-based campaigns aimed at increasing conversions at every stage of your funnel.

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15. HelpSumo

Helpsumo is a hosted online helpdesk solution specially designed for providing customer support solutions via Ticket System, Email, Social Media, Live Chat & Self-Help Knowledge Base solutions.

It makes it easy for your customer to get in and contact the support or post the query to support. It claims to increase the productivity of your agent by providing them the needful tools & communication channels.

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16. Deskero

Deskero brings you new ways to interact with clients, engaging them in personal conversations through a simple, effective, no-frills support ticket system platform.

At the heart of Deskero is a rock solid multi-channel support ticket system, flexible enough to be used in any way you need! It has innovative engagement and chat features to empower your team to interact with customers in a proactive way.

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17. Track it

Track-It! 2020 is the latest in a long line of releases, each one taking the concept of what help desk software can achieve to the next level. Track-It! 2020 has delivered a powerful family of integrated IT help desk software solutions – yet still kept it at an affordable price.

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18. LiveAgent

With this, you can reach your customers on the channels they use most, including email, voice calls, and social media. Complement the customer experience with a live chat that is native to our platform.

With this, you can resolve queries faster using a suite of powerful productivity tools that give agents a complete, shared view of every customer and interaction.

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19. HESK

Its SysAid offers pre-built integrations with leading software applications and powerful services, such as Trello, Slack, TeamViewer, Nagios, and SolarWinds. From incident to resolution, and everything in between, use SysAid’s centralized solution to manage all your IT tasks.

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20. SolarWinds Service Desk

SolarWinds Service Desk, previously Samanage Service Platform, is a cutting-edge service desk for IT or any other department. Uniting employees around the world, the SolarWinds ITSM solution is designed to empower you to provide exceptional services in more personal and proactive ways.

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22. ProProfs Help Desk

ProProfs service desk ticketing system integrated with knowledge base can power your help center, tool tips, documentation, guides & manuals.

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