14 Best Selfie Apps To Capture The Perfect Snapshots

The over-posed selfie

January 17th, 2019   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

In the last few decades, Social media has created a very strong presence in our lives. Whether it is Facebook or Twitter the world has become quite small thanks to the reach that these wonderful apps provide.

One aspect of Social media platforms that is quite prominent is keeping your near and dear ones updated about what is going on in your life. This is either done by submitting a brief update of something important that happened in your life or by clicking and posting pictures.

Clicking solo pictures has now given way to clicking selfies and posting the best amongst them online. How much irritating the senior generation is going to find this trend it has slowly made a deep impact on our lives. Whether it is your social media page or a professional headshot the perfect one is definitely going to let people notice you.

However, no one knows the art to click the best selfies and if not careful it might take you a couple of turns before the best one is actually clicked. For that purpose, the play store has quite a few selfie apps which remove the blemishes on your face to give you the perfect picture that you are hoping for.

We have chosen the best ones from those available and we hope that these selfie apps are going to solve your purpose well. Let us have a look at 15 best selfie apps for those crazy selfie buffs around.


1. YouCam Perfect

Available for free this app has many editing tools which can help you in modifying your facial features. Also, you can use it to make changes in group photos as well another interesting feature.

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2. Animal Face

Animal Face - Best Selfie Apps_1

For the crazy animal lovers, you can get your selfie with different animal appearances. The Animal face app changes your picture into a tiger, cat or whatever you want it to be. Use it to apply different filters too.

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3. Frontback

Frontback - Best Selfie Apps_1

Most smartphones have both front and back cameras and the Front back app allows you to take a selfie from both of them. It also works like a social network where you can share your selfies and even follow friends.

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4. Perfect 365

For a diva, it is very important that she is always looking her best. So if you are feeling that the selfie is missing something you can use this app to give yourself a makeover or just modify your hairstyle.

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5. Retrica

We all have edited our photos at some time or other. Retrica has more than 100 filters which you can apply and make changes. Plus you also get services like collage creator, watermarking, timer amongst others.

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6. Facetune

Though the app is free on Android and iOS some of the benefits can be had only after making a payment. From teeth whitening, blemish removing to changing the shape of the nose or face you can do all things that are amiss.

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7. Front Facing Flash

Front Facing Flash

This is a feature that is available in most of the smartphones. For best camera pictures you should use front facing flash and thus improve the lighting that falls on your face. This invariably helps you click a better selfie.

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8. Snapchat

For the users of snapchat taking a selfie on the same and posting it on other social media platforms is quite easy to do. You just have to take a pic, add required filters and then tap the download button.

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9. Afterlight


Having 74 filters, 78 textures and 128 frames the Afterlight app can change your normal picture into a gorgeous frame. Though you have to pay a nominal fee of 99 cents the benefits you get justify the expense.

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10. Photo Director

The photo director app comes with many features some of them are just quite extraordinary. On its own, it uses auto skin toning and makes changes in your face to create a perfect selfie for you.

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11. Focal Mark

Focal Mark - Best Selfie Apps_1

A free app this one helps you generate more likes on Instagram. It generates the most popular tags basis your location and other details. This gives your selfie exposure and people with similar tastes get a chance to have a look.

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12. Microsoft Selfie

Unlike other apps whose editing might give you an artificial look this one helps to get the natural appearance. Its vision technology keeps your age, gender, skin type etc. in mind before helping create the perfect selfie.

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13. Touch Retouch

Sometimes there are objects in your selfies which you would rather not have there. The touch retouch app helps you to remove them from the picture and get a flawless background. It is very easy to use too.

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14. B612

B612 - Best Selfie Apps_1

Want to add some fun to your drab pictures? Just use the app to add stickers and images to whatever selfie you had taken. You can also use it to capture easily the most perfect selfie that could be taken.

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