Top10 Best Webinar Software

Best Webinar Software

Published on August 25th, 2020

Have you heard about webinar sessions? Well if you know anything about surfing the internet then it will be easy for you to understand what the webinar stands for.

In simple words, webinars are live meetings and conference sessions where thousands of people can attend the meeting by participating online through their mobile, computer, and other gadgets.

The webinar has been effective these days not only for marketers but there are several startups, corporations, and individuals who are using webinar software to address their users.

The increasing demand for the webinar has compelled software companies to come up with several magnificent webinar platforms. You can use these webinar platforms to host your sessions online with your students, users, or customers.

Selecting the accurate webinar software platform is definitely a significant step. Take a look on top 10 best webinar software platforms that are popular among people

1. Google Hangouts

Undoubtedly Google Hangouts is the finest free webinar software and it is incorporated with Google account or Gmail. Google Hangout is a free version of Google Meet and it has G Suit features.

Users can access hangouts through mobile apps or desktop computers. You can use video fees and access them via the internet browser.

It is very easy to use Google Hangout. To start the chat, call and video conference users need to click on the three buttons displayed on the main page.

There is no need for customization which indicated that the interface of Google hangout is user friendly.

However, the quality of calls can be a concern for users and photo pixels can be blurry but still, Google Hangouts provide a fundamental communication mechanism to users in a cost-effective manner.

It would be wrong if we don’t discuss the excellent free live webinar software service that Google Hangouts is offering. Because of the Google suite facility, every Google apps is working fantastic with hangouts.

Users can perform email interaction, Google drive, and introduce calendar even during video conferencing.

2. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is also an eminent webinar software with features of webinars and dual-purpose meetings. The best thing about this system is that it is accessible in the internet browser and users don’t require downloading any software.

Hence users can view all live streams and videos via Zoho Meeting through any device along with internet connectivity. Contrary to several webinar conferencing software options available in the public domain, every important feature is accessible at a different price range.

It is also giving a free plan for users. Moreover, the premium webinar platform version of ZOHO provides international dial-in numbers for cross-border interaction. Few of the features ZOHO meeting includes

  • The facility of storage for 10 Recordings
  • Email Reminders and Invitations
  • Scheduling for RSVP
  • Moderator administration and Meeting locks

3. WebinarsOnAir

WebinarsOnAir is appropriate webinar software for beginners in the business. This software is giving massive facilities along with basic functionality.

It is a user-friendly system with having fast and simple to operate and it has all the required features that a user needs for video conferencing.

WebinarsOnAir is offering advantages that comprise flawless customer service. This software has magnificent features of capability producing leads robotically.

Users can gather email data to amplify their business after authorizing webinar access after registration.

Features of this software are confined on the basis of how many participants and how much space users can add. Features of WebinarsOnAir are as follows

  • Recoding footage of webinars
  • White label customization to promote your video
  • Q&A, live Polls, and Surveys
  • Public and private communication feature
  • Unlimited webinars
  • The facility of adding 10 speakers per webinar

4. Webinar Ninja

Webinar Ninja is an easy, contemporary webinar software that provides distinct features with different costing. In this software, the user can get comfortable and integrated editing features, easy user interface, and organized dashboards..

This online webinar software enables thank-you features and fundamental invitations. The integration with the email marketer makes it a special one.

However, categorization and funnel features are insufficient in this platform.

Here you can get the benefits of 4 categories webinars: Hybrid, live session, previous recorded, and live. The Hybrid feature allows users to pre-record webinars while you are interacting with your audience.

The live chat option is also an exciting function where users can conduct a quick Q&A session with the audience and allow them to answer if they know. It eventually helps viewers to see the video for answers rather than ask the question again.

5. WebinarGeek

WebinarGeek is one of the finest webinar platforms. This webinar platform is ideal for those who are searching for a user friendly and easy to use webinars for their business.

After a successful login to the WebinarGeek, users can receive a wide range of interactions and hosting features.

For example, allocate moderators to live webinars or allow them to co-present the conference.

The live chat option with viewers and conducting a real-time poll contest is also an important feature of this webinar platform

It has all important benefits that one can anticipate from a webinar platform including:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social media advertising
  • HD video quality
  • On-demand, live and Pre-record webinars
  • Personalized branding tools
  • Embedded links with customized registration pages

Once your webinar is active, there is a variety of hosting and interaction options. For instance, you can live chat with your audience or send out a poll in real-time. You can also assign moderators to conferences or co-host your presentation.

6. Adobe Connect

There is hardly any internet geek or technical person who is not aware of Adobe Connect. It provides a magnificent webinar platform for users.

This spectacular video comprises features to conduct presentations, meetings and video conferencing Moreover, there are numerous customized features compatible with other platforms.

Users can effortlessly organize webinars as per their preference and customization with modernized hosting and editing features. However, this platform is quite tricky for beginners.

Adobe Connect is compatible with all operating systems including Windows, iOS, internet browsers, Android for mobile and desktop. The unlimited event makes it better from other webinar platforms.

7. Livestorm

Livestorm is certainly the finest webinar conferencing platform for users who are searching for browser integrated software. The software has two types of services Livestorm Meet and Livestorm Webinars.

User can select the appropriate subscription option according to their needs or they can buy both The elevated security parameters are absolutely submissive with GDPR and sever of this platform is located in Europe. All the information and data transfer is encrypted for the safety of the user information.

Moreover, this webinar platform provides the facility of automated data backup facility for every day, it means user doesn’t have to fear about any data loss. The features of this marvelous webinar conferencing software are:

  • Webinar software has the feature of 17 different dialects for global business requirements
  • Integration and data and analysis
  • Live chats, Q&A session, and Live Poll
  • HD quality live streaming, information sharing, document distributing and presentations
  • App and screen sharing facility
  • User can add up to 6 people at the same time and it allows two-way communication advantages

Livestorm also provides a free account facility for MSME and individuals in which all the essentials features are included. However, the time limitation of the webinar is 20 minutes and 10 participants can register at one time.

8. Webex

Webex is an advanced and efficient webinar conferencing software that provide calling feature for remote staff conference and all in one video facility. You can get these two magnificent facilities via the blend of the Webex Teams platform and webinar software.

Webex Teams is tailored for attendees in a webinar to combine personally. Staff can utilize personalized video conferencing, immediate chat, and white-boarding.

The live video conference streaming is also an advanced feature. In short, it is an elevated webinar software for communicative business.

There are also mobile and desktop apps available for download. Plus, there are several programs that integrate with to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Several desktop and mobile apps are accessible for downloading this webinar software. Moreover, there are several applications that incorporate with Webex to make conversion quick and effective.

Moreover, it has a dial-in feature available in different price ranges as well as free. Additional features include application and screen sharing, call recording and more features are described below

  • Communicative whiteboards and whiteboard sharing facility
  • 100 participants can interact
  • Hand raising, Q&As, and Polls option available
  • A presenter can control Meeting
  • 720p HD video quality

9. WebinarJam

Webinarjam is a prolific webinar software system for users. This webinar platform has a splendid pre-recording feature. It can be utilized by beginners as well as experts.

The interactive design, user interface, and features make it flawless for conducting a webinar session for spacious viewers.

Moreover, Webinarjam is a supportive platform for users who wants to collaborate with YouTube. In simple words, webinar hosting software can be used to stream live on the user’s YouTube channel. Users can integrate multiple social media plugins to promote them easily.

  • The advanced features of Webinarjam are as follows
  • All stream automated recording
  • The facility of adding multiple hosts
  • High Definition Picture quality in Video
  • The facility of Pop-ups to enable consumers to purchase directly via Webinar
  • HLS, RTMP, and Flash features for the compatibility on all browsers and devices

10. BigMarker

BigMarker is certainly leading webinar software for people who like to use a paid webinar platforms for big size meetings and conferences.

The USP of this platform is live streaming conferences in which the biggest subscription plan comes with 10,000 participants and infinite hosts.

Additionally, BigMarker is ideal for those who want to connect with foreign companies and want to conduct overseas hosting because it comes with multiple language features.

BigMarker s user friendly and easy to operate and users can advertise business effortlessly via this platform.

The webinar software also includes features such as lead generation and CRM software integration.

Users can advertise video conferencing footage directly on social media. You can also set email reminders, registration pages, and the invitation to the audience.


As we know that today we are going through with a digitalization era so we cannot afford to ignore it. Conducting a webinar session is an effective effort to engage with end audiences, potential customers, and lead generation.

In this article, we have tried to summarize the topmost webinar software fir individual business purpose. One can choose one of these top 10 webinar software according to their personal or business needs.