Top 5 Factors That Will Help In Choosing The Right VPS Hosting

Choosing The Right VPS Hosting

Published on January 19th, 2019

Virtual Private Service (VPS) Hosting is becoming increasingly popular these days. It is known to be a virtualisation technology that aids in functionality and performance enhancement. There are many reasons why many businesses are going for Virtual Private Server hosting when it comes to website hosting.

When you have decided to go with VPS hosting, there are many factors to consider before you know which one is the best one for you. Five of the elements that are essential to keep in mind are discussed in the article.

1. Linux Or Windows


Before you get VPS hosting, you will have to first think about the kind of VPS environment. It can be Linus or Windows. Both are known to be two different hosting environments, and they come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. If your website performs in or ASP, you will be needing the Windows environment.


2. Managed Or Unmanaged

Choosing The Right VPS Hosting

When it comes to VPS hosting, the whole virtual server will be conveyed to you. If you want to monitor, you will need excellent IT knowledge because managing its performance isn’t something every person can do. When you go for managed VPS hosting or you set up a windows VPS for personal use, it means that the VPS provider will take care of everything. On the other hand, unmanaged hosting means that you will be entirely responsible for taking care of the VPS server.

In case of unmanaged hosting, the server health and performance monitoring will be your business. If there is a security issue or server software fault, you will have to fix it on your own.

Only a tech-savvy individual will be able to understand the critical details of the server management and deal with processes like repairing, rebooting, restarting, or shutting down the server. If you think that you aren’t that skilled, it is best to go for managed VPS hosting.

The VPS management’s extent will depend on your service provider and the plans that you have chosen. Therefore, you must also consider the different plans provided by the same vendor before finalising any deal.

Many VPS hosting providers provide managed hosting, but unmanaged hosting is known to provide additional freedom only when you are comfortable and have the necessary knowledge for configuring and managing the server all by yourself.


3. Refundability And Scalability

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When you have a backup resource in a datacentre, it is called refundability. In case there is a fault in the power supply, you will have a UPS system and generators as a backup. When the services of ISP get interrupted, you must have another alternative that does not let the server get overloaded, such as an additional standby server.

Scalability is the management of occasional/sudden high server leads resulting from the use of redundant resources present in the system. The collaboration of scalability and redundancy could result in higher uptime and consistent performance.


4. Conventional Or Cloud-Based VPS

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There are distinct differences between conventional VPS and cloud-based VPS. The cloud-based VPS is known for operating on a bunch of servers. It takes resources from one machine, but the machine has multiple server combinations, and therefore it is bigger than the conventional ones.

On the other hand, conventional VPS can be seen as a small server inside a big server. The parent server is a physical server. There are many small servers inside the parent server, and all of them are different VPS hosting accounts.

When it comes to cloud-based VPS, there isn’t any limit virtually because there is an option of adding another server inside the cluster as well as more storage in the centralised storage system (SAN). Therefore, when it comes to flexibility, cloud-based hosting is better.


5. Customer Support

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Excellent customer support is another crucial factor that cannot be ignored, especially when you have problems with your VPS hosting. If these problems stay for too long, it could be hazardous for your website traffic. It is the reason why you need to see that the customer support staff is dedicated to serving you when you look for a company.

These five factors are enough when you want to see which VPS hosting is the best one for you. Keep them in mind, and you will not make the wrong decision.