How Does DoorDash And PostMates Apps Compare

DoorDash and PostMates Apps Compare

Published on August 6th, 2020

Ordering food online is now a favorite for most people due to its convenience. It saves cost and time as you do it in the comfort of your home.

Several apps make the whole ordering process worthwhile, among them being DoorDash and PostMates.

In this article, you will read the comparison between the two and get to decide which one is the better option for you.

1. Availability

Before you sign up for any delivery app, you need to ensure that its services are near you. The two apps are available in most large cities such as those of Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, and Atlanta. If you reside in any of the major cities, you can enjoy services from both worlds.

However, going through a credible food delivery app comparison is important since services may differ if you are living on the outskirts of the cities.

DoorDash may be your preferred app as their services have extended to other cities and countries. The nearer the services, the cheaper the delivery fee, and as such, you may opt for one that is closer to you.

2. Customer Service

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It is not always that delivery services are 100% efficient. You may encounter a problem with the food or service and desire to air out your complaints. If this is one of your considerations before settling for an app, you may have to pay for DoorDash.

You can reach out to the customer care representative through email, contact form, or chat on their app or site, and phone call. The Postmates, on the other hand, offers its customers a contact form or can reach them via their social media sites.

3. Customer Experience

Any app should make its interface user-friendly so that anyone can be able to access it. Both DoorDash and PostMates have put this factor into consideration.

They offer their customers the best experience. They are both easy to use, and the process of placing an order is also simple. The downside of both apps is that you will need to first create an account before sampling their services.

4. Value For Your Money

It would help if you got a service that offers you value for your money. You need an app that saves you money by providing discounts or lower prices.

Both apps do offer you membership programs if you are a regular buyer, which enables you to save some cash.

The Postmates Unlimited program offers you free deliveries for any order you make above $10 and more special offers.

You can choose to subscribe to the program either monthly or annually. DoorDash also offers you free delivery for orders above $12 and lower service fees for the same orders.

5. Food Prices

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When comparing the prices from both apps, they are similar in terms of delivery, gratuity, service, and sales fees.

The prices may not be the same, but the pricing structure is identical. It all depends on your locality and the restaurant you order from. Other factors are if you will offer a tip and the time of day that you place your order.

The app you opt for will have all these factors considered. You only have to do the math that favors your pocket, depending on the same elements.