7 Educational Apps To Choose For Your Toddler

Educational Apps

March 21st, 2020   |   Updated on April 13th, 2021

Present-day toddlers are no exception to the pleasurable hypnotism that comes with the concentration on the swipe of android phones or tablet screens.

The good news is that concentrated fancy can be channeled to a benefit. With the right educational apps, your kids can now learn while they play.

Plus, it affords you the advantage of peaceful quiet time in the waiting room, and all the concentration you need to complete your tasks for the day.

As posited in the New York Times, parents in today’s world have been able to savvy mobile technology than the previous generation.

However, even the so-called advanced generation seems to be struggling with the latest and numerous apps targeted at improving their kids.

Then, how do you know whether an app is apt for your toddler’s learning? We’ve carefully selected 7 of the best toddlers educational apps that will aid the educational, psychological advancement of your kid. Let’s take a look!

1. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

This app is stocked with quite some tools, primarily for toddlers. Ranging from counting to the matching of patterns into fixing puzzles with letters and colors.

Ranking as one of the seven best educational apps, this game teaches toddlers about colors, letters, shapes, differences, and matching as the games flow right into the next.

With its excellent design and very nice graphic, the toddlers spend time accumulating tons of Cartoon stickers to reward their success with each set of the game they go through.


Reviewed as one of the best apps for toddlers, this game is a musical app with three mini-games enabling toddlers to practice math and musical skills.

It entails counting, in ones and twos, and also the addition of numbers in four different warm-up activities.

3. Nutrient Machine Madness

In this game, the toddlers get to help Chef Solus feed the correct food for the nutrient machines.

Showing an increase in the energy level after each list of food, the time frame drops by 5 seconds each time the machine is fed with the wrong food.

This game improves the speed of the toddlers and also imputes the knowledge of toddler vitamins as they enthusiastically strive to complete the five levels.

4. Alphatots Alphabet

This interactive and fun game is also one of the best learning apps as it gets toddlers hooked on learning their ABC’s by playing fun games.

It sounds out the letters to them as they are pleasurably engaged in matching puzzles and tasks.

It comes with amazing features your kids are sure to love, such as fun cartoon animations with accompanying airplane, spaceship, talking robot sounds.

It also comes with sing-along songs that help kids subconsciously learn the letters of the alphabet.

5. First Words: Animals

7 Educational Apps To Choose For Your Toddler

This game is a powerful educational tool for toddlers, helping them to learn to spell.

Beneath each animal lies the lettered tiles needed to spell each word.

The toddler is then to tap and hold the letter and place it into the correct order.

Your kid then gets a verbal pronunciation and an identification of the animal once the letters are set up in the right order.

6. Bugs And Buttons

Every level of this game requires toddlers to perform different tasks with bugs teaching concepts like numbers, colors, shapes, and puzzles.

Its tasks come with accompanying music and gorgeous animation.

With the advantage it offers, it is said to be one of the best educational apps for toddlers

7. Moose Math

In this game, toddlers are engaged in practicing counting, addition, and subtraction as they make smoothies to get a BINGO.

They also get to count the number of dots as they match pets. Thus, an educational app introduces the concept of numbers and math to toddlers in a fun setting.

In all, mobile educational apps offer a two-fold advantage in teaching the toddler and easing the gaining time for parents.

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Author’s Bio:

Betti Wilson is a counselor with about 20 years of work experience.

In line with the positive reports from her clients and her personal experience, she is convinced of the immense advantage of educational apps as a veritable tool in the art of nurturing toddlers.