Top 12 Game Design Courses You Should Take In 2020 For A Great Career Ahead

Top 12 Game Design Courses You Should Take In 2020 For A Great Career Ahead

May 14th, 2020   |   Updated on June 27th, 2022

Game developers and visual effects specials are some of the most in demand players in the entertainment industry.

As the gaming industry continues to expand, a certification in gaming course will certainly help you create promising opportunities for yourself in the entertainment industry.

A good gaming course offers theoretical and practical learning. Theoretical part involves understanding gaming theory, and practical part comprises 3D animation, interactive design, and interactive storytelling classes.

A degree or a certification in game design course will give you the basics in the development and programming of video games.

After completing an advanced gaming course, you will learn design theory, concept development, graphic design, marketing, and programming language.

The field of game design encompasses everything to do with creating and publishing games.

A game designer is generally expected to visualize, design and bring to life video games. Designing characters, levels, animation and are also parts of game designing.

If you have an understanding of math and computer science, have good writing and communicate skills, then you can certainly excel as a game designer.

Game Design Courses

1. Video Game Design And Balance By Edx

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In this course you will learn how to design different types of games, understand the commonalities between them and learn what is at the core of every game design, including game balance and why it is key to game design.

What you’ll learn
  • Skip What you’ll learn
  • Formal elements of games like goals and mechanics
  • How designers determine the appropriate audience and player group for a game
  • What makes different game genres different
  • How game designers balance games

2. Game Designer By Udemy

Throughout this extensive training series you will learn beginner to expert level techniques in the areas of 3D game development (Unity), computer animation, digital painting, and programming. You will be extensively trained on programs like Unity, Maya, 3DS Max, Mudbox, and Photoshop.

What you’ll learn:
  • Create advanced 2D/3D games and applications
  • Have an expert understanding of the Unity game engine
  • Have an expert understanding of digital painting in Photoshop
  • Build and publish your own games and apps
  • Develop for Nintendo, Xbox, PS4, PC, Mac, iPhone, Android
  • Have an expert understanding of Maya, 3DS MAX and Mudbox
  • Work in game design, film, or software development

3. Game Design By Full Sail

The course is comprised of high-level game design and production courses that will take you deep into the game development pipeline. You’ll cover key industry concepts influencing both systems and level designs that will prepare you to prototype and evaluate your game projects.

Corse Highlights
  • Game Mechanics – In this course, students learn how pacing and thematic structures incorporate conflict resolution and generate a plausible challenge and reward system.
  • Game Balancing ‐ Students learn how to use level-design and gameplay-design fundamentals to create levels that capitalize on the strengths of their own designs while also learning about communicating to the player through a user interface.

4. Interactive Media Curriculum By Franklin University

From gaming to mobile apps to websites, IMD bachelor’s degree program can open up a variety of technical, artistic and management career paths. The course exposes you to both the technical and non-technical aspects of interactive development.

From mobile, graphic, rich media, web, and interaction design to front-end development, our program combines project management expertise with solid design and technology skills.

5. BA In Game Art & Development

SNHU’s bachelor’s in game art and development program includes:

  • General education
  • Degree-specific courses
General Education Program
  • Writing
  • Communication
  • Analysis
  • Problem solving

All bachelor’s students are required to take general education classes. Through foundation, exploration and integration courses, students learn to think critically, creatively and collaboratively, giving you the edge employers are looking for.

6. Game Development By Academy Of Art University

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After completion of this course you will learn techniques in concept art, 3D art, UI/UX, game design, animation, and technical art. You will also gain specialized design skills including monetization, unique control types, rapid development via iteration, and production methods.

Earn your game development degree and graduate with solid game art principles, including game engine technology and pre-production and production environments.

What It Teaches:
  • 3D Character Artist
  • 3D Environment Modeling
  • Character Concept
  • Environment Concept
  • Game/Level Design
  • UX/UI

7. Bachelor Of Science In Information Technology

It provides the skill set you need to succeed in a variety of information technology careers. With a degree in information technology, you can pursue positions in software development, computer programming, IT support, computer forensics, information security, and computer networks.

By pursuing your information technology degree online, you will receive access to Liberty’s wealth of resources while still maintaining the flexibility you need to stay involved in your life, family, and career.

8. Video Game Design And Development

On this course, you’ll get an introduction to the major concepts of game programming, including user input, rendering and collision detection. You’ll take a detailed look at core programming concepts such as loops, conditional statements and data storage.

9. Game Design Diploma

This course is personally mentored by industry veterans from top studios like Ubisoft, EA and Microsoft to get your video game career off to a great start.

  • Course Curriculum
  • Introduction to Game Design
  • Game Design Theory
  • Game Design Applications

10. Online Game Design

The University of Advancing Technology offers an online Game Design Bachelor of Arts.

Every online online game design degree assignment is geared toward your technology degree program. Each online online game design degree class follows a standard assignment schedule, ensuring a swift, successful completion of classes.

This standardization, combined with a team-based approach and access to industry-standard toolsets and techniques, encourages development of the collaborative and creative skills necessary for the advancing technology workplace.

11. Unity Game Development Specialization

Each of the courses includes 10-20 exercises designed to teach you small concepts in C# and Unity. You’ll also develop several larger C# console applications and Unity prototypes as well as 2 complete games, all of them designed to teach you important C# and Unity concepts. In the capstone course, you’ll implement your own game idea using Unity and C#.

There Are 5 Courses In This Specialization
  • Introduction to C# Programming and Unity
  • More C# Programming and Unity
  • Intermediate Object-Oriented Programming for Unity Games
  • Data Structures and Design Patterns for Game Developers
  • C# Programming for Unity Game Development Capstone Project

12. Game Design Courses By AIT


From scripting and storyboarding to character design, animation, audio and graphics, the Bachelor of Interactive Media with electives in Game Design will arm you with an in-depth skill set to enable you to conceptualise, design, develop and take a game to market.

You’ll create your own portfolio of games, learn programming methods and you’ll become proficient in cutting-edge design engines.