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40 Harry Potter Pick Up Lines That Will Spark Up Your Relationship

harry potter pick up lines

September 6th, 2019   |   Updated on February 28th, 2023

Are you looking for the right person to be in a relationship? And, when it comes to charming the very special one of your dream, sometimes you need to deliver catchy pick up lines.

Interestingly, if you’re among the most passionate Harry Potter fans, it’s time for you to get into the skin of the character, get your magic wand, and get yourself ready to cast your cool charm on someone special you have just seen, with cheeky Harry Potter Pick up lines.

Maybe nerdy, but these pick up lines, brimming with oodles of confidence, are a real deal breaker, and must break the ice with your special one, which finally fuel the spark of your relationship.

Let’s break out a couple of these cheeky Harry Potter pick-up lines, sure to make a killer first impression.

Harry Potter Pick Up Lines

1. Can I Weasley My Way Into Your Heart?

2. Are We In The Room Of Requirements? Because I Require You.

3. Interested In Making Some Magic Together? My Wand Is At The Ready.

4. I May Not Be The Boy Who Lived, But I Can Still Be Your Chosen One.

5. My Love For You Burns Like A Dying Phoenix.

6. Have You Been Using The Petrificus Totalus Spell? Because You’ve Made Me Stiff.


Harry Potter Jokes Dirty

7. Did You Just Use The Stupify Charm Or Are You A Natural Stunner?

8. What Do You Say We Go Look For The Room Of Requirement?

9. If I Were To Look Into The Mirror Of Erised, I’d See The Two Of Us Together.

10. Are You Sure You’re A Muggle? Because You Look Magical.

11. I Need To Learn Occlumency, Because I Can’t Get You Out Of My Thoughts.

12. Being Without You Is Like Being Afflicted With The Cruciatus Curse.

13. Wanna Make Me Moan Like Myrtle?

14. I Can Be Your House Elf. I’ll Do Whatever You Want And I Don’t Need Any Clothes.

15. You Must Be A Nimbus 2000 Because You’re Sweeping Me Off My Feet.


Best Harry Potter Pick Up Lines

16. Without You I Feel Like I’m In Azkaban And Dementors Are Sucking Away My Soul.

17. Are You A Basilisk? Because When I Caught Sight Of You, I Froze.

18. Is Your Basilisk Interested In Exploring My Chamber Of Secrets?

19. What Do You Say We Disapparate Out Of Here?

20. My Name May Not Be Luna, But I Sure Know How To Lovegood!

21. Do You Want To Head To The Shrieking Shack? We Could Do Some Shrieking Of Our Own.

22. Girl, Are You Sure You’re A Muggle Cause I’d Swear That Ass Is Magical!

23. What Do You Say We Disapparate Out Of Here?

24. You Must Be A Quidditch Player Because I Know A Keeper When I See One.


Funny Harry Potter Pick Up Lines

25. I Heard You Were In Gryffin-whore, Because You Let Every Wizard Slyther-In.

26. Are You Sure You’re Not A Dementor? Because I’m Sure I’d Die If You Kissed Me.

27. You Must Play Quidditch. I Know A Keeper When I See One.

28. Is Your Name Felix Felicis? Because You’re About To Get Lucky!

29. You Must Be My Horcrux, Because You Complete Me.

30. I Might As Well Be Under The Imperius Curse, Because I’d Do Anything For You.

31. I Must Have Had Some Felix Felicis, Because I Think I’m About To Get Lucky.

32. You Are Like A Bottle Of Skele-gro: You’re Growing Me A Bone.


Cute Harry Potter Pick Up Lines

33. Wanna Go Manage Some Mischief Together? I Solemnly Swear I’m Up To No Good.

34. You Can Have The Portkey To My Heart.

35. Your Smile Is Like Expelliarmus. Simple But Disarming.

36. You’re So Charming You Should Be Teaching Professor Flitwick’s Class.

37. Are You Using The Confundus Charm Or Are You Just Naturally Mind Blowing?

38. Is This The Hogwarts Express? Because It Feels Like You And I Are Headed Somewhere Magical.

39. Wow, When I Said “accio Hottie”, I Didn’t Expect It To Work!

40. Are You A Dementor? You Just Took My Breath Away.

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