10 Tips To Improve Your High School GPA

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Published on March 5th, 2019

Getting admission in a good course in your preferred college is a dream that most kids see since their early school years.

However, admissions happen on the basis of high school GPA and until unless you ace the same you cannot expect admissions. Unfortunately, when you apply you have not received the senior grades so you use your end of junior year GPA to make an impact.


Here are some tips to make your high school GPA better and grab a prime position in the college.

1. First and foremost you should start scoring well in the early stages of your schooling itself. The freshman and sophomore stages are when grades are easy to get. So, even if any of your senior classes are not as per the mark you still manage to sail through.


2. If you have scored A’s in your middle school do make sure to ask your school counselor to reflect them in your mark sheet. However, if you already are a top ranker then this is avoidable as colleges would pick you up regardless of these grades.

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3. In case you have not performed well in a grade you can opt for retaking the same course during summers. You can consult your counselor with regards to the same. It is important that you do so only in dire circumstances because summer courses may be quite drab and boring.



4. You can also retake classes during the duration of your school year. For that, you would have to discuss with your school counselor. This would be just to confirm if at the end of it the new grade would replace the old one or not. In case your school gives weight to art and band and unweighted classes you might have to be careful as they might just pull down your score. This may even affect your class rank so it is better to stay aware of this concept.

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5. If you have faced some unfortunate circumstances because of which the score has reduced you could ask a teacher for help in repairing the loss of grades. However, don’t be so upfront when you ask for help because the teacher may reject your offer. It also depends on the kind of relationship you have maintained with your guide until now. You can ask the teacher that you wish to redo some of your courses and if they would be willing to guide you.



6. You can also try retaking the course at a local institute. However, your school should approve of the same. Such schools only guide you in learning the entire material and for this, they might charge you a decent amount. However, if the school does not accept this concept then avoid it.

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7. Eventually, grades come only when you work hard for them. You must increase your study time and ensure that you study for at least 30-60 minutes extra every day. This would make clear all the concepts and then it won’t be difficult for you to incorporate the same in your daily life.

Stop Worrying About School


8. Finding a tutor to guide you in difficult classes can also show you the right path. Often such tutors are available to come to your house and you can avail this facility too. Just as you realize that you are unable to cope up you should look for a worthy tutor to help you.

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9. In spite of these efforts if you are still faltering you can spend extra time in your school. The teachers there would be ready to help that is if they see that you are serious about scoring well. You can also complete your assignments in school and ask the teachers for any clarifications.

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10. There are a couple of colleges who would not consider your freshman grades while deciding. You could look for them and apply there only. But this is applicable only if your freshman grades are not as per the mark.

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While these are just some ways you can work on your GPA the best results are achieved only when you focus on correcting things as soon as you realize that the things have gone out of control.

Rest it is all about your effort on making things work. If you are careful enough you might just get to grab a prime seat in a reputed college of your choice.