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March 18th, 2019   |   Updated on September 20th, 2021

Grammarly is a fortune 500 company having its offices at San Francisco, Kyiv, and New York. The company as the name suggests is famous for developing the Grammarly software which literally serves as our writing assistant.

From spelling correction to punctuation marking, grammar checking and detecting duplicate or plagiarized texts, Grammarly serves as the best friend for every writer as well as students.

Whenever you write any paragraph, essay or sentence in Grammarly, it quickly underlines the wrong punctuations, misuse of propositions, verbs, modifiers, adverbs and suggests with the correct words to correct your writing.

Not only grammatical errors, but it also helps you to improve your writing style, sentence structure, and sentence enhancements.

Grammarly Keyboard

It comes with browser add on feature. So, once you add it to your PC or mobile browser, no matter wherever you type whether, in emails, social networking or anywhere across the web, it will help you write perfectly correct sentences with its suggestions and error pointing tools.

It is available in two versions= Grammarly free trial and Grammarly premium version. While the free version helps in correcting grammars and punctuations, the premium version gives detailed grammatical analysis and plagiarism report with marked duplicate texts and their source.

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All About Grammarly Free Trial And Premium Free Trail

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Grammarly free trial account is a 7 and 30 days trial pack that helps you observe its advanced features and then decide whether to go with the paid service or not.

There are two types of Grammarly free trail- Simple Free trial and Premium free Trial.

The simple free trial feature helps you with features like-

  • Grammar Correction
  • Tricky Spelling Correction
  • Punctuation Error Correction
  • Writing Enhancement
  • Basic Plagiarism Detection

The Premium free trial gives you a tour of its advanced features like-

  • In-depth Plagiarism Checker
  • Advanced Grammar Checker
  • Wordy Paragraph Detector
  • Sentence Structure Checker
  • Readability Improver
  • Word Counter
  • Vocabulary Detector
  • Free Grammarly keyboard for IOS and Android devices


How To Get The Grammarly Free/premium Free Trial Account?

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  1. To use Grammarly site, first, you need to create a free account by choosing your email id and password under the ‘Create a Free Account’ feature in Grammarly website
  2. You will be prompted with two plans. ‘Continue with Free version’ and ‘Get Grammarly Premium’.
  3. For the free version trial, click on ‘continue with the free version’ to use the basic version of Grammarly.
  4. For the writing professionals, the premium version is advisable which you can check by trying out its free trial version. You can cancel any time to get back the refunded money.
  5. The premium free trial version is a 7 days trial pack. There are different plans like Monthly, Quarterly, Annually. Go for the Monthly first and pay for it using your credit card/debit card or paytm/paypal account.
  6. You will be prompted with the premium free trial version after the successful payment. Use it, and if you don’t like it, contact Grammarly support within 7 days to cancel the subscription and get back your refund.

Final Words

Grammarly software is one such effective writing tool that is beneficial for all individuals from beginners to professionals to enhance their writing skills. The Free trial version serves as an excellent budget-friendly solution for quick grammar and plagiarism fix.

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