Logitude Alternatives: 10 Best Transportation And Logistics Software


February 15th, 2022   |   Updated on January 17th, 2023

Logitude is an online freight forwarding software solution. It offers solutions for freight forwarders. They can combine technology with the logistics of freight forwarding. This cloud-based freight forwarder software is a SaaS solution that does not need any IT support or particular hardware. Plus, new features are added automatically to the system.

The software’s solution covers the entire life cycle of freight forwarding, starting from quotes and shipment processing to its billing and collection. With this software at had small and medium companies could be as resourceful as the large ones.

The freight forwarding solutions offered by Logitude come with huge benefits that no one can ignore. It comes with a SaaS model, is easy to use and affordable.

Logitude at present serves nearly 500 plus companies based in 40 + countries.

Logitude Features

The Logitude solution combines the features for forwarding management that lets the users manage the shipments from beginning to end. The users could see dashboards, documents, email templates and set notifications for the customers.

The Logitude World software helps its users to take care of payments and its receivable along with features and reports like costs, profit/loss, estimated vs. actual expenses, vendor invoices, and other information.

The Logitude World allows the users to offer adjusted quotes that could be converted into active shipments. The invoices could be created and sent using any currency straight away from Logitude until they can collect the payments.

Some of the advanced features comprise logistics, access to CRM, mobile access for the customers, and customization and personalization. This secure solution is hosted by the Microsoft Windows Azure datacenters.

Key Benefits Of Using Logitude World

  • The use of Logitude World cuts down the manual data inputting by offering multiple freight forwarder modules like CRM, logistics, and accounts that simplify the processes.
  • It is accompanied by various templates and wizards that simplify customization.
  • Users can manage quotes by giving the customers adjusted quotes that could be converted into active shipments.
  • Send the invoice emails in any currency or language from Logitude and also track the invoice until you get the payment.
  • Now get access to all the shipment information from any laptop or desktop and mobile access for the customers.

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Logitude World Alternatives

1. GoFreight

GoFreight is a cloud-based solution that helps NVOCC’s and international freight forwarders track and manage their ocean, air, and inland delivery operations. This includes accounting, warehousing, PO management, security filing, invoicing, etc.

Its platform is centralized and allows users to analyze and visualize the important information, thus simplifying decision-making for business leaders.

Provided with a document center module, GoFreight allows users to store and arrange their files in their respective shipments or the trade partners. This simplifies the data search, access, and sharing among all the team members. Businesses could create their own to-do lists daily and manage the on-hand shipments.

They can set reminders to check if the schedules are followed. It also comes with a warehouse mobile application for vehicle exporters along with an online portal for customers to export any information about the vehicles they may need like make, model, year, etc.

The GoFreight software allows operators to create memos or notes of invoices and bills of all the work they can use to guide their co-workers if any change is needed. The cost volume profit analysis module allows users to get information about the investment, cost, selling price, production, sales volume, etc.

2. CargoWise

CargoWise is a global logistics execution platform that makes it easy for people to trade.

It allows logistics service providers to accomplish highly difficult transactions in places like customs and cross-border compliance, freight forwarding and rating, international eCommerce, landside logistics, and warehousing, letting them manage the operations in one database through multiple users, countries, languages, functions, etc.

This logistics management system lets the companies tackle any seismic changes starting from keeping track of the tariffs to modifying the rules and calculating the taxes.

  • It lets the businesses process their payment transactions and manage their operations in a centralized database through various users, currencies, languages, and functions.
  • CargoWise lets the businesses present in transportation industries simplify the operations of freight forwarding processes, customs compliance, warehouse management, and transport through a unified platform.

3. LogistaaS

LogistasS is another cloud-based transport management system for freight forwarders, NVOCC’s and logistics service providers. Each year many shipments get processed by the freight forwarders with the help of LogistaaS.

The main modules of LogistaaS consist of CRM, Pricing, shipments management, finance management, reports, and online customer portal. The software is integrated with INTTRA and multiple eAWB platforms like Traxon

CargoHUB, Descartes, CCNhub, Carognaut, and WinWebConnect

The CRM, as well as pricing modules of the software, are designed such that they help in managing the logistics service providers’ sales cycles as well. It lets the sales teams to log their daily sales activities, set the reminders for the actions that follow, create and track new opportunities, register any inquiries, manage rates and generate the quotes.

4. Kuebix TMS

A Trimble company Kuebix is a cloud-based transportation management system or TMS. It offers LTL, truckload and parcel booking, and management for the small and large freight shipping businesses. Kuebix also provides a TMS that allows the companies to cash in on the supply chain opportunities through the use of predictive analytics, visibility, control, etc.

This software is a modular solution that tries to meet the requirements of every supply chain accompanied by applications, integrations, and managed service programs.

You can save time and money and gain instant access to the direct carrier rates and easy shipment management. It also simplifies carrier invoice audit claims resolution, exception management, and carrier payment processes.

5. UltraShipTMS

UltraShipTMS is a web-based transportation logistics solution that can ably handle very high volume shippers in the US, Canada, and Mexico. This is a flexible and robust platform that takes care of all the complicated transportation challenges for the food shippers, retailers, building materials manufacturers, etc.

The UltraShipTMS software gives efficient and effective transport management and supply chain optimization that is inbound and outbound across all the modes.

It provides a powerful optimization engine that lets the users view and compare the schedules routes and load the models within seconds. This helps in minimizing empty miles and reducing the fuel cost. Getting broad visibility into the delivery scheduling the uses can enhance the loading efficiency and even accommodate any last-minute orders or cancellations.

Their advanced scheduling tools automate the appointments and dock scheduling with regards to picking up and delivery for any kind of shipment. Its features include communication tools, on-time reporting, and controlling spending. Carriers can choose from multiple appointment times available.

The notifications inform the users of the hours of operation, loading time for every dock, and availability of loading docks or doors.

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6. Shipwell

Shipwell is a cloud-based transportation management solution that was created to help companies manage their shipping, third-party logistics, and supply chain lifecycle. This platform lets the users book, quote, and track the shipments in real-time through ELD, API, and EDI integrations.

This application allows businesses to review the rates for either less than truckload or full truckload front carrier networks. The users can also integrate Shipwell with other eCommerce platforms, thus generating the freight pricing rate.

Customers can choose different shipping options from within the online store. Their mobile applications smoothen the shipping processes and allow carriers to get alerts for new loads, sign bills of lading digitally, capture any photos of mishandled freight, upload the delivery documents, etc.

7. Skyline Cargo

Skyline Cargo is a freight management software that lets the non-vessel operating common carriers, international carriers, and freight forwarders manage the logistics operations. The sales executives could create the quotes or proposals basis their tariff rates, send them to the clients through emails, and receive incentives and commissions in return.

Using their CRM module, businesses could maintain a record of all the previous interactions and get alerts about any information updates.

The admins could issue legal documents like the air waybill and Bill of Lading to simplify cargo export through air or sea. It provides the managers with a dashboard that lets them check the team’s performance and calculate its operating revenue.

8. TransVirtual

The TransVirtual software provides couriers, dispatchers, and freight brokers with a frictionless transport management system. TransVirtual was created to boost the operational efficiency and productivity of companies and help them in consignment creation, invoicing, and delivery.

Simplify, manage and automate the workflow from one web portal using their TMS features that include sign-on glass, full track, and trace, GPS location, item-level scanning, route optimization, etc. The cloud-based platform is relatively easy to use and has enterprise-level features that are accessible to any size business.

9. ShipperHQ

Shipper HQ provides you complete control over the checkout experience or the shipping rates and delivery options that show once the customer is prepared to buy. Whichever your goal, increasing conversions, breaking even on shipping, or generating of profit, ShipperHQ has a shipping rate management platform that helps in configuring the needs in the long term or making the changes instantly.

10. Detrack

Detrack gives your first driver-free and is a robust delivery management software that helps you track your vehicles live on the map and capture the electronic proof of delivery using their app. This app has been translated into nearly 26 languages and is used daily to accomplish millions of deliveries.

Starting from instant, accurate time delivery status updates to capturing of evidence like a customer’s signature, time of finishing of a job, rejection of items, failed deliveries, photo evidence of the service completion, and automation of customer support, the Detrack software takes care of it all.

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