Managing E-Commerce Inventory With Mobile Enterprise Apps For Better UX

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Published on August 5th, 2020

Does inventory management in eCommerce sound familiar? Well, the simple meaning of inventory is keeping track of goods and services used in any business or organization.

Inventory management today has become a very crucial part of the e-commerce industry. It is mostly because as management of the inventory gets better, it leads to a more accurate and stable business scenario.

While this may be the positive side aspect of inventory management, inefficiency in this sector can even lead to a loss in capital. Today, there are many mobile app development company which are smartly inculcating eCommerce inventory management with enterprise mobility solutions.

Let us check out further in this blog as to how this whole scenario can be beneficial to the eCommerce industry.

Why Shall The Archaic Inventory Management Be Ditched?

Let us face this, and it is quite impossible to track and keep a tab on the inventory every time throughout the day. Earlier, every solution was limited to the office scenario, and thus inventory management could be checked manually on the desktop.

But according to the new challenges faced by the competitive marketplace every day, it is smarter to replace the archaic way of tracking the inventory. One of the prime ways of making this possible is by integrating enterprise mobility service providers in your business.

These applications help in simplifying the inventory management task further by making them accessible, even in remote locations. The task of managing the inventory can get quite complicated if selling and handling large volumes of products across multiple locations. Through the customized apps made for tracking the inventory, channelizing the sales, and keeping an eye on the products becomes very easier.

How Do Enterprise Mobility Solutions Fit In This Scenario?

Enterprise mobility is a go-getter solution when it comes to inventory management. It helps in refining your business in many ways, along with improving better user experience. All a business has to do is hire mobile app developers for setting up the entire framework.

With the successful integration of the app, customers can access your online store or brick mortar location through the app. As the technological scenario calls for a revamp, there are many app developers who have given a greater edge to online eCommerce inventory management through mobility.

Now being physically present at the store is not a pre-requisite. The concerned person can take a look at the inventory online by clicking on the app. Another huge advantage of the inventory management software and applications is that it keeps track of all the new stocks added and sold in a jiffy.

This step abates the recurring mistakes caused by the mismanagement of stocks and keeps the list updated.

Advantages Of Mobile Enterprise Solutions For Inventory Management

Today is the era of digitization. In this full-proofed technologically advanced scenario, managing the inventory through the old-school process seems so outdated. Therefore, it is better to upgrade to an online mobile enterprise platform, other than adhering to the old hardware system. Other advantages of mobile enterprise solutions are:

1. Mobile Apps Have An Easy To Upgrade Feature

Imagine a scenario where most of the work you do regarding inventory is still desktop-based. So, if there is any change in the current technology, how will you update the system. It is here when mobile enterprise apps step in. These apps are churned out using the latest technology, and hence when any advancement is made, all you need to do is go for an update.

This whole scenario looks very easy, doesn’t it? But when your business is still relying on the desktop software, under any other circumstances, you would need to require new technology. Another highlight of using mobile enterprise apps is that they are very easy to maintain as all applications used are cloud-based.

2. Desktop-Based Inventory Systems Are Time Consuming

Nothing can remotely match the fluidity of mobile apps when it comes to inventory and other things. Not only these apps are robust, but they also consume less time. However, the same cannot be said about desktop systems. The software used on desktop-based systems is very time consuming and is practically incompatible with other applications.

3. Mobile Enterprise Solutions Have More Ease of Access

Mobile Enterprise Apps

Today every business is well-acquainted with mobile apps. Hence, having an enterprise mobility service provider at disposal might come as handy. These solutions help all employees to access the system from anywhere and everywhere, thus making it easy for vendors and businesses.

4. Is More Budget-Friendly

Today there are many small-time businesses who dream of making it big in the industrial scenario. These businesses might not have enough capital to invest in full-time desktop-based software. Thus mobile app developers can capitalize on this factor and build apps that can easily support the foundation of small-time businesses. These apps will not cost a fortune and will be helpful in managing the stock digitally without any hindrances.

5. Better User Experience

The applications developed by app developers come with an improved user experience for the end customers. They are compatible with various operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows and also can successfully loop in devices such as scanners and printers.

6. Tracking Becomes Easy

Mobile inventory management rarely encounters factual errors. It is mostly because the apps make it easy to track and keep an inventory check, even when it is being transported. With this automated process of counting stocks digitally, not only is the error marginalized, but multiple locations can also be updated successfully.


Every business operating in this cut-throat competition today needs to have a mobile enterprise inventory management. This is because, through this automated solution, organizations can keep track of the inventory even from the far end. Gone are the days when manual up-gradation of inventory was mandatory.

Today mobile enterprise solutions are revolutionizing the scenario. These enterprise mobility services have become more successful than their predecessors, as these apps can easily keep pace with the new technology and ensure a hike in success ratio for the e-Commerce businesses.

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