No More Sensitive Content For Teens On Instagram: Platform Rolls Out Automatic Restrictions

No More Sensitive Content For Teens On Instagram

Published on February 15th, 2024

No More Sensitive Content For Teens On Instagram

  • Automatic Restriction Settings
  • Hidden Self-Harm Content
  • Restricted Search Terms
  • Content Removal from Feeds and Stories
  • Expanding Settings for Existing Teen Users

Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, is taking proactive measures to enhance the safety and appropriateness of its platforms for teenagers.

Following input from experts, Instagram and Facebook will now automatically assign the most restrictive content control settings for teen users.

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As an example, if a user posts about struggles with self-harm, Instagram will hide such content from teenage users due to the complexity of the topic and its potential unsuitability for young audiences.

Moreover, Instagram will limit search terms related to sensitive topics like “suicide,” “self-harm,” and “eating disorders” for teenagers, redirecting them to helpful resources instead of displaying search results.

Beyond that, Instagram will remove age-inappropriate content from the feeds and stories that teens encounter, even if shared by accounts they follow.

While similar restrictions were already in place for Reels and Explore feeds, Meta is expanding these settings to cover all aspects of the platform for teens.

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Meta has emphasized that these adjustments will be applied not only to new teen users but also to existing ones on Instagram and Facebook.

The changes are currently being rolled out and are expected to be fully implemented for all users under 18 in the coming months, reflecting Meta’s commitment to creating a safer online environment for young individuals.