4 Reasons Why You Should Pick An RFID Blocking Wallet

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Published on February 11th, 2019

Technology makes everything easier including how you pay. The convenience of paperless money allows you to transact with such convenience that cashless transactions have become more and more sophisticated but are the substitute chips entirely safe? Emerging technology in credit cards employs RFID or Radio Frequency Identification which are said to be susceptible to hacking.

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Protect yourself from high-tech pickpockets and don’t let your money disappear into thin air. Know exactly the issues and controversies that surround the RFID system that gives you the cashless convenience to pay for your purchase and see if you need RFID protection products.

RFID Technology And Its Many Uses

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Technology and has unquestionably made life easier for us. RFID uses an electromagnetic field that is used to track and identify objects integrated with the system through tags containing digital information.

RFID has access not only to basic information but to more sensitive information and has tracking abilities from a distance. Nowadays RFID’s are installed in products to make it easier for warehouses to track items to increase the speed of order and fulfillment processes.

Companies also use RFID for employees to track their whereabouts and monitor their attendance. RFIDs help speed up checks in the passport and paying in tollways. However, you probably best know RFID in contactless payments via credit card. The gaps in RFID security has allowed for some criminal minds to get creative and take advantage of this new digital enhancement.


Can My RFID Quipped Credit Card Get Stolen?

Unfortunately, an RFID credit card is under the threat of what is known as “skimmers”. Your credit card information including CVV including credit card number and expiration date can easily be skimmed via an RFID reading tool as you pass by these sophisticated pickpockets.

Once they have obtained all the necessary information it is easy for them to transfer all your data to a new card with a card-magnetizing tool.

Machines such as a card reader or magnetizing tool are not hard to purchase and many can be obtained online. You don’t need a special license to obtain these machines either and they are free to be purchased by anyone.

“Skimmers” employ specific strategies in their theft. There is absolutely no physical touch needed between you and their handheld RFID scanners that are “skimming” for your credit card information.


Can An RFID Blocking Wallet Help Me?

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Fortunately, there is a way to block your card from skimming so you don’t have to conduct any hair-splitting science experiment to find a solution. RFID Blocking wallets are guaranteed to protect you from RFID scanners and by extension “skimmers” with its special material and technology.

These special RFID wallets have a layer of carbon fiber or metal. These layers effectively block the electromagnetic field from reaching your cards that have RFID chips thus protecting your valuable information.

Carbon material used is a conductive material and conductivity determines the level of ease electric charges passes through a material. The carbon material forms a shield and spreads the electromagnetic waves through the material but refuses its entry into the shield.

You must remember that your credit card has to be inside the wallet for it to be entirely safe. Being inside the RFID Blocking wallets gives it 360-degree protection.


Why You Need An RFID Wallet?

RFID scanners can easily pass through non-RFID blocking material such as your clothes, your bag, and your ordinary wallet. You will not know who is ‘skimming you’ as you pass through busy streets and ride the jam-packed metro rail systems.

Everyone with an RFID credit card is vulnerable to high-tech pickpockets regardless of status and it is important to give yourself a level of safety so you can safeguard your data and hard-earned money.


Author: Mariam Simmons

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