6 Best Scholarship Management Software In 2019

Best Scholarship Management Software

Published on June 6th, 2019

Education is quite an expensive proposition these days and in spite of being deserving, many candidates are unable to proceed further as they lack the funds needed to pursue good quality education.

However, Universities offer scholarships to such students and that helps them in moving ahead in life.

With the number of scholarships increasing it then become tough for Universities and colleges to keep a track of the way the scholarship should proceed.

There are, however, certain scholarship management software prepared to do this task for you and we have brought together 6 of the best ones available.

These scholarship software’s would take care of all your needs regarding the information regarding each student.

With any one of them installed you won’t have to worry about the basic procedures and your handling of the same would be smoothened.

1. Evalato

Application & evaluation software for awards, grants & more. Save hundreds of hours with all the features you need built into a single platform. Powerful, versatile, super customizable, highly scalable, lightning fast and mega secure.

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Review: Capterra

Pros: We use it to select candidates, signing up for our career events, and for the whole awards management, we organise. So the most important thing is our candidates/company entries/junges feel comfortable while doing whatever is needed. Not last, Evalato saves so much time to our team, we really do have time for more inspirational things to do!

Cons: Probably, that it’s not free for free entrants. But I surely understand that and am totally fine, beacuse when it saves so much time and saves the day, the price is reasanoble. And also they have transparency in pricing, so I can check my budget.

Overall: There is no doubt Evalato is the most easy to use and time saving app of it’s kind!

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2. SurveyMonkey


Move towards your mission, faster. Create a frictionless grantmaking process with SurveyMonkey Apply (formerly known as FluidReview). Seamlessly collect and review applications online, save time with robust automation, gain insights with powerful reports, and more.

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Review: FinancesOnline

SurveyMonkey Appy is a customizable and user-friendly online application management system used by universities, associations, and other organizations to streamline the process of collecting, administering, and reviewing grant applications. SurveyMonkey Apply permits organizations to integrate the system into their existing workflows so they can automate their tasks, save time, and drive their mission forward.

The online application management system delivers a frictionless experience for both grant applicants and grantees, allowing them to send and track data, document, materials in one place. To make the process of collecting and reviewing grant applications simple and painless, the system enables users to create easy-to-use online portals where they can gather applications and access updates and reports about the grants and other programs they are managing.

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3. SmarterSelect


The application management system for scholarships, grants, awards and more.

  • Sized perfectly for one program – or one thousand!
  • Designed for non-technical users, no coding required.
  • Set up your programs yourself, often in less than one day.

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Review: FinancesOnline

SmarterSelect is an application management system that enables educational institutes and corporations to manage all their online applications regarding admissions and recruitments.

With a wide range of versatile features, SmarterSelect can cater to the requirements of several types of businesses. It has got intuitive set of tools and the latest upgrades in this software allow you to get in touch with your applicant through mobile devices as well.

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4. Submittable


Submittable powers submissions and applications around the world, connecting individuals and organizations to do great work together.

Join the thousands of organizations that use Submittable to accept and review applications and submissions. No matter what industry you’re in, or what content you aim to collect, Submittable has a solution designed to fit your needs.

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Review: Capterra

Pros: It works VERY well for receiving, tracking, reviewing literary submissions. So organized. Helps our statewide editorial team stay connected for working and communicating. Tutorial and articles are helpful tools when setting this up.

Cons: “Up ad running in 15 minutes”? Not likely. Big down side, is that it is EXPENSIVE for non profits, despite the discount. Monthly plans ding you bigtime for signer and submission allotments. We use Premium plan, the next step up is a GIANT leap up in price but also benefits. But we cannot afford that. I would like to see a product for bonafide all-volunteer non-profits with small budgets. Arts organziations are struggling these days.

Overall: Ease of receiving submissions, as opposed to the manual email system we had in place. Also the ability to link donations as an option when paying. It’s a timesaver in processing submissions that allows us to get right to the content, rather than shuffling emails back and forth to our editors.

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5. WizeHive


Discover the most flexible platform for streamlining your grants, scholarships, and other application-centered processes.

With Zengine from WizeHiveTM, you can simplify the collection, review, and management of applications and data for grants, scholarships, accreditations, and countless other business processes.

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Review: Software Advice

WizeHive is a cloud-based platform designed to collect, review and manage applications for grants, scholarships and other nonprofit programs. The system offers tailored workflows, reporting dashboards, automations and batch emailing.

WizeHive offers customized applications hosted online, i-framed into a website or in a personalized submission portal. The solution also includes a reviewer portal with team member-specific to-do lists, side-by-side scoring and related data sharing.

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6. OpenWater


OpenWater is an application and review software platform which allows foundations, associations, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and corporations to manage online applications with features for payments, real-time scoring, voting, judging, email marketing, and more…

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Review: Capterra

Pros: It is fairly user friendly, which is always very nice and allows for us to continue to use and learn the program.

Cons: Sometimes updating the website portion is difficult and you do need to know how to code/html coding. If you don’t know that, you aren’t able to fix small issues because they are buried in the background of the coding.

Overall: The customer service is on point and that is Amazing. Helen is always available when we need her and works so well with us. She makes using the system easier and provides slight suggestions for improvement while maintaining professionalism. I would not be taking this survey if it weren’t for how awesome she is – because it needs to be said.

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