How To Create An App Like Airbnb From Scratch

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Published on October 3rd, 2019

Airbnb is an app that was founded in 2008 and quickly grew to become a multi-billion dollar industry. It is an app where people can rent out their homes or spare rooms quickly and easily, and those looking for a place to stay for a trip or temporarily can find a place quickly and easily.

Although the cost to create an app like Airbnb is relatively expensive and time-consuming, it is incredibly likely to be lucrative if it is carefully thought out.

There are so many ways the idea of an Airbnb-like app can be expanded and innovated to create something altogether new that solves a societal need or problem.

Here are some tips for how much time it will take to create an app like Airbnb from scratch:

1. User Communication

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The time it takes to put all the user communication systems in place will average anywhere between 100 and 130 hours, depending on distinct features.

Some of the things that need to be included are a chat screen, chat list, chat search, user profile, account info, and the ability to edit a profile and information.

These features take a relatively long time to put together because they need to work both on their interface and their back-end.

2. Reviews Section

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A critical part of an app like Airbnb being able to function is being able to see what other people have written and experience from both ends. A clear function should be set up where both the tenant and the person offering space should be able to be reviewed.

This will also enable you to go back to your previous trips or history if you are looking to rebook the same place or recommend it to a friend.

Usually, this process will take anywhere between 50 and 70 hours, depending on particular features and the presentation of the interface.

3. Search Feature And Settings

The search bar is one of the most critical features, as it enables people to find a perfect option for their stay.

However, this feature is extremely complicated to program as it takes into consideration so many factors. It takes into consideration geography, and which places are close to a place of interest or in a particular district that you would like to stay in.

It also needs to take into consideration the specific rental dates, as well as dates that have already been booked for a certain place to prevent double booking.

The search bar also includes various ways and features that a property can be sorted by. This includes deciding which amenities are necessary, for instance, Wi-Fi or central heating.

It also can help you determine what is within your price range, as well as which destinations have the right amount of space for you and your party.

The amount of time it can take to program the search feature is also, perhaps, the most varied. It is difficult to determine because there are so many individual features and optional features.

Usually, it spans anywhere between 100 and 200 hours of programming, based on the complexity of the system.