6 Significance Tips Of The Word Counter In Content Quality

The Word Counter In Content Quality

November 6th, 2018   |   Updated on December 26th, 2019

In this age of the digital technology, word count is an extremely vital metric for content writing. Using the word counter helps improve the writer’s productivity in writing. For the professional writers, the use of the word counter is good because they are being paid to write content for any publication, book or page.

The Word Counter In Content Quality

Translators get paid as per word count when they translate the content from one language to another. Now, what to do for counting the words? The use of the online word counter is an easy and quick way to measure word count of any written work.

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1. Good For Professional Writers

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Word count is different as per the requirement of the different types of the project. If it is for the blog or web page, the blogger and website owner assign the target word count for all kinds of content to make it suitable as per the search engine requirements. In the success of the website or blog, SEO plays a key role because it drives revenue and traffic to the site.

The majority of the business owners prefer to get the services of the freelancers. This is the reason; they assign them content with the target of the word counts. They need to complete the content in the given word count limit. To check the correct quantity of the word count, the use of the effective word counter is essential.

This is helpful for them when it comes to pricing work. A professional SEO writer knows about the keyword density by using an authentic word counter.


2. Good For Social Media Users

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Do you know that you have word limits when you go for posting in Twitter especially? The word limit on Twitter is about 140 to 280 characters.

You cannot post more than 63, 206 characters on Facebook. Keep track your word limits with the use of the Word Counter.


3. Helpful For Students

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You are a student, and you are preparing a thesis or a term paper. In the academic world, the world counter helps you to check the word’s quantity because the majority of the teachers expect to have the accurate work with comprehensively written content.

The grades of the candidates are based on the quality and quantity of the given task. Informative, high-quality, precise and to the point content is able to get the good scores.

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4. Offers Fluency To Your Content


All sentences of the content should flow smoothly from one to another. The words should be related to each other and should have synchronization among them. Compound sentences should perfectly contain the proper structure.

A good writer always uses the original ideas and the evidence in a proper way. The word counter provides a target to keep control of the words because writers have to complete the task in the given target.


5. Choice Of Words


The writer can learn the proper use of words and choose appropriate phrases and phrasal verbs to make the content to the point and precise. Wrong use of words and grammar leave the wrong impact over the reader, composition of a sentence, and their sequence always makes a difference in the formation of the essay.

It helps to develop the solid foundation the grammar as well. The correct use of the parts of speech is vital. A writer should know how to use the vocabulary in their essays.

Whenever you start writing always think about questions that a reader wants to ask and try to answer them all. Who, what, when, where, why, are the five questions which needs to be answered clearly and concisely. In this way, a writer learns how to be accurate and concise.


6. Which Is The Best Word Counter?

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There are several tools available online, but word counter from Small SEO Tools is the best free for freelancers, professionals, and candidates because it provides useful information about the text including length statistics, extra word count statistics, top word density and estimated reading time.

You can get the tool on smallseotools. It is very easy to use because you have to paste the content in the box and you will get the result instantly after clicking the icon.

This word counter assists in the tracking of the number of words with an estimated time. This helps the writer to maintain the reading level in the given word count.

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