Vacation Rental Software: How To Make The Right Choice?

Vacation Rental Management Software

July 8th, 2021   |   Updated on March 3rd, 2022

Starting a short-term rental business is a great decision that can potentially bring you a six-figure profit to even replace your job’s income. But, when you dig into the matters better, you will discover that being an Airbnb host is quite the hell of a work.

Indeed, tons of duties, arrangements, and control. It all gets much harder when you operate multiple short-stay lodgings – the things requiring your attention increase exponentially.

To make the life of busy hosts easier, many IT companies offer professional vacation rental software that is able to automate a solid portion of humdrum tasks each property manager has to struggle with every single day.

The best property management solutions will let you save a lot of time and effort, while boosting the guest experience and helping you to become a better host.

The question is: how to pick the ideal vacation rental software from an ocean of available options? Keep on reading to get an answer.

What Is Short-Term Rental Software?

Property management software is essentially a computer program/mobile application that integrates with your account on such booking marketplaces as Airbnb, VRBO, and others of their ilk, and puts the majority of everyday business procedures on autopilot.

Such a handy tool performs repetitive tasks instead of you, along with offering a throng of other helpful features and services to improve your managerial efficiency and help you take an edge over competitors.

The purpose of vacation rental services is to optimize ineffective, mundane operations and trim the labor costs of an Airbnb manager.

How Does Airbnb Management Software Work?

This software connects to your Airbnb listing (or listings) and literally begins to manage it on your behalf.

All the actions, occurring to your Airbnb lodging, will be reflected in the centralized dashboard of your property management software, so you will have a holistic picture of your rental’s performance and take measures, if necessary.

The features offered by a good Airbnb management solution generally include:

Availability Calendar displays all your reservations, for all listings, across all websites in an intuitive visual calendar.

  • Booking management – this component allows you to accept and manage online bookings. Guest communication – this feature comes with customizable message templates to automatically reply to inquiries 24/7, even when you are offline.
  • Review Module – the software helps you to automatically collect, administrate, and respond to customer feedback and testimonials.
  • Team collaboration – the software can automatically delegate jobs to your cleaners and maintainers once the guests check out.
  • Centralized Inbox – an amazing feature that keeps your entire conversation history across all platforms in one convenient place. More about this feature read on

These are just the basic features most Airbnb property software tools offer. The more sophisticated products take it further and include such functionality as Airbnb SEO, payment processing, multi-channel management, business performance analytics, website builder, and much more.

How To Pick the Perfect Vacation Rental Software?

Compare Prices

Your quest for the perfect Airbnb management software starts with comparing prices as you definitely want to get the most bang for your buck.

It is good if you already have a certain budget in your mind that you do not intend to exceed. The exact sum in your head will help you narrow down the choice.

It is vital to consider all the expenses you will incur when you commit to this or that software option and how you are going to pay.

For example, some vacation rental software companies provide their services in a form of a subscription, charging a monthly or yearly fee.

But it is also possible that the provider will charge you some additional costs that are not included in the base fee. Some of these additional costs may be as follows:

  • Set-up payments.
  • Certain percentage paid from each successful deal.
  • Software update commissions.
  • Customer support charges.

Compare The Offered Features

The best software must fully satisfy the specific needs of your enterprise, along with making your job easier and unloaded. Think about the tasks which occupy most of your time as an Airbnb host.

Whether you want to waste less time on hitting replies to prospects or would prefer to have a system that will securely process online payments? Or, perhaps, you aspire to earn the Super Host status on Airbnb, so you need a powerful SEO strategy. When you know your demands, you will easily detect the right product in the market.

Compare Extras

Each Airbnb property software is different, and each company strives to offer something exclusive for their customers.

Perks are what we all like. Make sure the provider includes some bonuses in its offering. The most popular add-ons of property management software are:

  • A free trial period.
  • Intuitive user experience.
  • The software’s flexibility and scalability.
  • Easy-to-reach customer support center.
  • Discounts for different clients.
  • Money-back guarantees.

Top-tier property management software drives lots of amazing benefits, helping you to reduce overhead costs, increase business efficiency, and decrease stress load, which can ultimately translate into greater revenues!