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Jerry Maguire

June 29th, 2019   |   Updated on February 19th, 2022

Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) is a successful sports agent. The biggest clients, the respect, a beautiful fiancée, he has it all. Until one night he questions his purpose. His place in the world, and finally comes to terms with what’s wrong with his career and life. Recording all his thoughts in a mission statement Jerry feels he has a new lease on life.

Unfortunately his opinions aren’t met with enthusiasm from his superiors and after dishonorably being stripped of his high earning clients and elite status within the agency Jerry steps out into the sports business armed with only one volatile client (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and the only person with belief in his abilities (Renée Zellweger) with the impossible task of rebuilding what he once had.

Along the way, he faces the harsh truths which he’d ignored in the past and a host of hardships that he’d never faced before.

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Movie Reviews: “Jerry Maguire

Movie Review: Hollywood REPORTER

Jerry Maguire1

Tom Cruise gets religion in Jerry Maguire, starring as a slick, big-time sports agent who decides that his high-powered, cutthroat profession needs a more caring and sensitive approach. With Cruise perfectly cast in this penultimate role of a wheeler-dealer, Sony should ink a strong opening weekend bonus, but the film’s long-term contract at the box office looks less promising.

While it will surely score some big numbers based on Cruise’s star appeal, this smart but decidedly squishy sports-world saga, replete with an old-movie-style love subplot, is likely to have its steadiest fans among women who read Cosmopolitan rather than men who watch ESPN. 

As “plastics” was the defining word in The Graduate, “shoe contracts” says it all in Jerry Maguire, as writer-director Cameron Crowe etches a comprehensive, behind-the-scenes look into the juggernaut jock world where teenage kids become instant millionaires and whose immature whims and excesses drive the lives of all those around him.

The athletes are the cash cows, and it’s the agents’ job to milk every last penny out of their short-term sports careers.

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Movie Review: DAILY NEWS

Jerry Maguire2

JERRY MAGUIRE. Tom Cruise, Renee Zellweger. Directed by Cameron Crowe. At area theaters. Time: 138 mins. Rated R. 3 1/2 STARS HE’S A GOLDEN BOY WHO seems to have it all a dazzling smile, an income in the upper stratosphere and a gorgeous girlfriend with whom he shares interests and a career.

But behind the perfect surface not all is well. He’s haunted by the sense of having sold out, of having traded his energy and idealism for easy profits in dubious ventures. Is this Jerry Maguire, the ambitious young sports agent who is the central character in Cameron Crowe’s rich and warm-hearted romantic comedy of the same name? Or is this Tom Cruise, the actor who plays him with such evident intuitive understanding?

Part of the pleasure of “Jerry Maguire” and much of its unexpected depth and conviction comes precisely from this confusion of actor and role. Crowe’s story, of the moral redemption and emotional rebirth of an emblematic figure of the American ’90s, is also about the redemption of Cruise, an all-American icon whose career has drifted into the cynical commercialism represented by the soulless “Mission: Impossible.

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Movie Review: Chicago Tribune

Jerry Maguire1

Tom Cruise, with his boyish profile and killer smile, may have been born to play a professional sports agent — which is exactly what he does in the likable but shallow “Jerry Maguire.” As Jerry M., who negotiates multimillion-dollar deals for as many as 70 clients — and whose cellular phone is always clogged with phone mail — Cruise has the look, the zip, the line, the energy.

Radiating “Top Gun” glitter in his first scenes, Cruise’s Jerry Maguire looks like he could sell anybody anything — in 10 minutes, tops. Jerry’s clothes are impeccable, his smile is a big, gorgeous, face-creaser and, when he’s cooking up deals, he starts to resemble a cross between the ultimate prom king and an affable shark. “Show me the money!” yells one of Maguire’s clients, Rod Tidwell, an Arizona Cardinal wide receiver (Cuba Gooding Jr. plays the pint-sized malcontent), but, in the beginning, you might wonder why Rod has any doubts.

As the Hollywood night prowlers of the recent film “Swingers” might say, Maguire doesn’t have to show anything; he is money.

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