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Killing Me Softly

January 29th, 2019   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

A woman faces deadly consequences for abandoning her loving relationship with her boyfriend to pursue exciting sexual scenarios with a mysterious celebrity mountaineer.

London website designer Alice was happy in a stable relationship with reliable, somewhat boring Jake, but quickly dumps him after falling in love at first sight and having wild sex with an overbearing hot hunk, even before she discovers it’s the famous mountaineer Adam Tallis, a studly celebrity about whom a book is just being promoted.

In no time they get married, despite anonymous warnings not to trust him. In Adam’s presence she enjoys being his slavish sex-toy, but when alone at his place can’t resist snooping into his past, thus finding out about women falling out of love with him and concluding her climbing rescuer is scarily, dangerously jealous, but she has no proof.

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Movie Reviews: “Killing Me Softly

Movie Review: AV Club

Alfred Hitchcock may be the father of modern suspense, but he’s also the father of the genre’s redheaded stepchild, the erotic thriller. A thin line separates the kinky, restrained elegance of Hitchcock’s work and the more graphic, less artful sensationalism of its Cinemax-ready progeny, and Chen Kaige’s beautiful but almost comically overwrought Killing Me Softly crosses that line early and often.

Denied a theatrical release in America in spite of abundant, often gratuitous nudity from two of cinema’s most attractive stars, the movie stars Heather Graham as an Indiana-bred “flatlander through and through” who lives in London with her safe-but-dull boyfriend. Graham’s life is turned upside-down once she meets Joseph Fiennes, a dark, brooding Byronic figure who introduces her to a dangerous but seductive world of kinky sex, fearless mountain climbing, and dark secrets.

Graham leaves her boyfriend to marry Fiennes, but doubts begin to emerge about his past once she begins receiving anonymous warning notes. Can Fiennes be trusted?

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Movie Review: The Dissolve

In The Hot Spot, the famous flesh comes with an impressive pedigree: Jennifer Connelly went on to win the Academy Award for A Beautiful Mind, while Virginia Madsen was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Sideways.

The Hot Spot has no pretensions to class itself, thank God. The film knows it’s pure pulp, a tawdry potboiler custom-made to play the first half of a double feature at some godforsaken drive-in in the deep South.

Adapted by Charles Williams and Nona Tyson from Williams’ 1953 novel Hell Hath No Fury, The Hot Spot takes place in a contemporary Texas town so sleepy and backward, it seems to have stopped evolving sometime around the Eisenhower administration. The cars, the buildings, the costumes: Everything reeks of the distant past.

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Movie Review: gamesradar

Farewell My Concubine, Chen Kaige’s sweeping account of political upheavals in 20th-century China, rode on a wave of unconsummated desire between two male opera stars. The Chinese helmer’s first English language film again spins off lustful obsession, but the demure restraint of his Palme D’Or-winning masterpiece is replaced by hefty dollops of sex.

Multimedia designer Alice (Heather Graham) embarks on a gratuitous sexual odyssey after locking eyes with brooding mountaineer Adam (Joseph Fiennes). But she soon suspects that her mystery man prefers killing to shagging.

Set in an unconvincingly laid-back London and rendered embarrassingly limp by tortuous pacing, this clunker will make audiences groan for all the wrong reasons. The screenplay (based on Nicci French’s novel) is cringeworthy, and Kaige’s inability to spot when English-speaking thesps are reciting rather than acting produces scenes that vary from lifeless to laughable

Neither Graham’s jiggling breasts nor Fiennes’ pneumatic buttocks can save this disaster.

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