Ensure Growth Of Your Business With A White-Label Taxi App Solution

Published on June 4th, 2021

There have been a lot of instances throughout history where one business model comes in as an alternative to an existing business model, and very rarely do we find the new business completely replacing and destroying the old business model.

This has precisely happened with respect to cabs and taxis. No longer do people bank on the uncertainty of whether or not they can find a taxi in a certain location.

With the introduction of apps like Uber, the traditional taxi businesses have either been forced to shut down or adopt this new model of business.

While change can be painstaking, it is not necessarily so intense in this case because of the availability of white label solutions.

A white-label solution is an easy-to-deploy taxi app that can be purchased as a product and customized according to your business needs.

Why Go White-Label?

A white label taxi app brings with it a lot of advantages.

Although the initial cost might seem like it is too high, as a business owner, you will need to look at the time and money it takes cumulatively before you launch your product.

It is true that you might not have to invest a lot if you were to build the app from scratch by recruiting your own team or by partnering with a company.

However, it takes quite some time to build the app, and you also do not have any assurance that the app will be free from bugs.

If you were to take into consideration all these factors, you can conclude that going for a white-label taxi solution is profitable on multiple fronts.

The market is quite competitive, and almost every other taxi business is striving to build and launch its own taxi booking app. When you go the white label way, you will be the one to gain the first move or advantage.

Traditional taxi businesses are losing out even on their strongest grounds because by the time a passenger exits the gates of an airport, they have already booked their cab.

A traditional taxi business gains visibility only when a user exits the airport or the railway station premises.

Going for a taxi app increases your brand of visibility, and it also opens up opportunities for measurable advertising on digital platforms.

With more accurate advertising and with less time to hit the market, a white-label taxi app is bound to increase your return on investment. The return on investment is not confined to marketing and procurement alone.

In most cases, the white-label taxi solution has built within it, a matching engine that takes care to connect a driver to a passenger without any intervention.

The payment systems handle digital payments without any hassle. Therefore, you can not only save on the initial cost but also on operations and even customer support.

The Different Types Of White-Label Solutions

When we’re talking about white label solutions, we are not talking about a monotonous business model. There are different ways in which you can build your White-label taxi app business.

The SaaS model has been gaining prominence as a business model where the white-label company can charge a one-time setup fee in addition to a fix-it monthly charge.

The monthly charge can vary either upon the number of drivers or the number of trips. Therefore, this model will ensure that your spending is in proportion to your profit.

The hosted model is the one where the white label taxi app development company gives the source code to the taxi business.

The company may provide maintenance and also charge an annual maintenance cost. The involvement of the taxicab development company is rather passive.

The partnership model ensures that the white label solution provider acts as a technology partner.

In addition to an annual charge, the white label company can also claim a certain percentage of your profit as the fee. The fees are scheduled to be paid by day or week or month.

The Basic Features

The basic features of white label taxi app

White Label Taxi App

A taxi booking app ecosystem is made up of three distinct apps: The driver app, the passenger app, and the administrator panel.

The passenger app should enable passengers to sign up for the services without any hassle, and if needed, using legacy login credentials like Facebook and Google.

They should also be able to sign up using their phone number or email. The registration should immediately create a profile for them that will hold information on the history of the rides taken, the usual pick up and drop points, and the default payment instruments.

The app should be integrated with a payment gateway that will enable them to make quick payments without any hassle. Passengers should be able to make their payments using either credit cards or debit cards or Internet banking.

The GPS should come into play for the benefit of the passengers. The GPS will help the drivers reach the pick-up location without any difficulty, and will also help passengers stay updated in real-time on the moment of the driver towards the pick-up. The passenger can even keep a tab on the route that the driver is taking to reach the destination.

Push Notifications should be used to inform passengers about the important progress in the trip booking, and also to put information regarding offers, discounts, and other Messages.

A Review And Rating System should be in place to give opportunities for the passenger to read their experience with the driver based on their driving skills and professionalism.

Just like the passenger, the driver should also be able to easily sign up for the services. However, the sign-up process should include an authentication and identity verification step that will increase the credibility not only for the driver but also for your brand.

Most diverse depend on these trips as a major source of their income. Whatever payments are made to the app using digital payment instruments should be credited to the bank accounts of the drivers without any delay after deducting the commissions.

The driver, in most cases, looks at the earning opportunity as an original source of income. These drivers are gig workers, and they are not full-time employees.

They should be able to toggle their availability and also have the freedom to accept or reject the ride requests that they get.

Just like the passengers, the driver should also be able to read the experience and behavior of the passenger.

This will ensure that the entire ecosystem remains democratic, and is not lopsided focusing only on the benefit of the past year.

The administrator functions like the Godfather of the ecosystem. They are responsible for keeping up the sanity and sanctity of the app.

They should be able to enable, disable, or delete users and drivers based on their behavior. They are also responsible for the content on the app, including promotions and offers.

They should also have the power to control the commercials of the ecosystem, including the commission rates and the surge pricing.

They are responsible for customer support, and if need be, they can delegate customer support to a team.

The Additional Features

In addition to the basic features, certain additional features can be included to make your Apple stand out from the competition.

  • You can include an SOS button that will alert the social circles of the passenger and also drop a message to the nearest police station if there is any misbehavior or danger.
  • Artificial intelligence can be incorporated to ensure that the driver and the passenger are wearing masks. If not, both the driver and the passenger should have the power to cancel the ride without any liabilities.
  • A plexiglass separator should be made available between the passenger and the driver areas. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping your cab service safe is important. There should also be a limitation on the number of passengers who can board the vehicle.


Now that we have seen the awesomeness of white-label solution and the basic features expected, all that is left for you as an entrepreneur is to get in touch with the company that specializes in the development of customization of white-label taxi absolutions.

They will take care to understand the requirement and present you with a perfect app that will launch you into the territory of technologically driven taxi services.