Why You Should Have A Website ?

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September 28th, 2018   |   Updated on March 23rd, 2023

Today, young and old consumers alike use the internet to find whatever information they are looking for. The internet, therefore, offers a great opportunity for business people to introduce themselves to consumers – at the time when they are looking for the business offerings – by ranking on search results of search engines.

The internet also offers an incredible opportunity for niche businesses to showcase their solutions at a national or global scale, where geographic restrictions could otherwise put them out of business.

According to Martin, the CEO and Founder Ning, everyone has a website now. And it only makes sense for all businesses to keep up with technology, whether it’s in the dance industry, music industry, art, and design industry or any other industry for that matter. Consumers appreciate it when they can easily access the solutions from the comfort of their homes.


Websites are not just about customer service, they also go a long way in helping business people sell their products and services.

Blake, a dance instructor who created a portfolio website for his dances at ning and got over 1000 hits in the first month says, “I reduced my office hours by half. I now use my website to stay in touch with my young dancer’s parents.

The platform lets me be accessible 24/7 all year long. I post maps to dance competition, paperwork, dance moves, successes, testimonials and even pictures for my visitors to see.

Evidently, there are incredible reasons why businesses can benefit from online presence; but there are even more reasons why you should have a website:

1. Online Is Where Everyone Is


Today, people spend most of their time online, whether they are looking for some fun on social media or information about something. It only makes sense to hang out where your clients hang out.

If you don’t have a website to showcase your products, then you are losing out on a lot because many people won’t find your solution if that’s what they are searching for.


2. Stay Open 24/7


A portfolio website acts as your salesperson; the only difference is that it doesn’t get tired like real people do.

It will showcase your products or services to your prospects all day and all night, all year long. The trick is to publish relevant content consistently to attract and keep prospects coming back every time.


3. You Can Be Found

You Can Be Found

Thanks to the website, it is easy for prospects to find you. Whenever they hear about your name or your offerings, all they need to do is hop online and search for your name, and voila!

Your site comes up. This makes it easy for prospects to find and connect with you. It would be impossible if you didn’t have a website.


4. Control What People Perceive Of You

You Can Be Found

In this social media age, it is easy for any Tom, Dick, and Harry to try to attack you online and even post untruthful things about you. Having a website is a great way to control how people perceive you.

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