Top 6 Tips Will Help You Write The Best Essay

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November 8th, 2018   |   Updated on August 12th, 2019

Not everyone has a knack for writing. Yet, as a student, you will have to write loads of essays, even if you major in science.

If it is your first time to write an essay, you will find it time-consuming especially when it comes tothe research stage. However, given time, you will find it easy and enjoyable to write essays on any topic.

Writing Skills

Many students dread essay writing. For this reason, they prefer to have someone else do the task on their behalf and turn to resources like WriteMyPaper. However, essay writing should not give you jitters. With the tips below, you will be able to tailor an essay that will wow the readers.

1. The Topic

Choosing the right topic is the first step towards writing a great essay. Do not be afraid to ask for clarification if you are not sure what is expected from you. Reread the task and the explanation details. If your professor has assigned you the topic, on which you are not particularly keen, think how you can approach it from your personal point of view before you start writing something generic. This way, you will sure be able to bring valuable ideas to the table.

2. The Timeliness

Writing Skills

Some people keep postponing their assignment because they do not know how much time it takes to do it. Alternatively, they might think there will be a “perfect moment” for writing, so they sit around waiting for the inspiration. This only wastes time. As the deadline approaches, they rush to write an essay that gets low grades in most cases.

Startbeforehand. This will give you plenty of time to understand the topic, do your research well, organize your writing process, write your target paper and even have some time to proofread your work before submitting it. Avoid procrastination unless you want to do everything the last minute and feel guilty about wasting time.

3. The Research

If you don’t have a clue about what to write about, library is a very good place to start. Reading on the given topic will provide the necessary background and might prompt some ideas.

On the other hand, if you do have the ideas already, research is also advisable. Look for the facts to support your claims. Use reliable sources to get as much information as possible so that it will be easy for you to overturnor support any arguments that this topic might spark. Research is a vital part of essay writing – do not skip it.

4. The Outline

Great Writing Hacks

Writing a good essay involves planning. An outline is a detailed plan of your future paper where you summarize your main points. This will ensure the streamlined flow of your essay, as you will know where you are heading while you write each part of it.

Start your outline with the main sections. The classic structure includes the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Complete the sections with key points of your argument. This will help you write smoothly without getting lost along the way.

5. The Writing

This is the essential part, yet now it seem less daunting, isn’t it? With the research data and the outline, it will take you less time to lay out all the facts in your argument. Now it will be just a piece of cake.

However, avoid distractions while you’rewriting. You should take breaks, but avoid things that will take your mind off writing completely, such as reading immersive books or playing videogames. The best way to refresh yourself while you write is to have a snack, do some light exercises or go for a walk.

6. The Proofreading


Phew, you are through with writing! Yet it’s too early to start celebrating. Proofreading is a critical stage that you should never ignore. If you skip the editing bit, you will miss the chance to get rid of annoying errors and silly typos that the automatic spellchecker usually misses (such as form instead of from, etc.)

Reread your essay two or three times. Better still, ask someone else to double-check it.A fresh pair of eyes always has a better perception.

Final Note

Essay writing can feel complicated but it all comes down to practice.Writing an essay is a skill – just like anything else. If you exercise it sufficiently, you will become an essay-writing wiz by the end of your freshman year. Happy writing!