Diamond Jewellery: A Lifelong Love

Diamond Rings

August 17th, 2021   |   Updated on October 6th, 2021

Beautiful jewellery is an integral part of the lives of all women. While fashion trends and our preferences change throughout our lives, there are some jewellery pieces that are timeless and the women who own them love to wear them on various occasions.

Gold diamond jewellery is considered to be among such very basic pieces. We’ll look at what it symbolises and what its main benefits are in today’s article.

The History Of Gold Jewellery And Why It Has Become So Popular

In ancient times jewellery was made from a variety of available materials such as stones, leather or plants. The aim of wearing jewellery has always been to express a kind of social status and that’s why people have always been drawn to perfecting it.

So once the technology was advanced enough, gold started to be used to make jewellery because of its quality and durability. The first gold jewellery appeared around 4000 BCE and its properties quickly won people over.

The Diamond As A Symbol

Diamonds are truly nature’s masterpiece. They form many miles below the earth’s surface at high temperatures and high pressure.

Not only are we captivated by their dazzling brightness but they are also meant to symbolise eternal love, commitment and perseverance.

They are said to bring harmony and stability to a relationship. It’s little wonder then that diamond engagement rings have gradually become an absolute classic, and it’s no longer a rarity either that diamond rings are generally chosen by women (but sometimes by men too) more and more often as wedding rings.

Together They Are A Sure Thing

Gold and diamonds have many undeniable advantages as materials go but the ones that are probably most important for jewellery are their durability and timelessness. Hardly surprising since diamonds are the hardest stone in existence.

Therefore when these two are put together in one unique piece, the result is a piece of jewellery that is suitable for everyday wear and brings a touch of luxury to your jewellery box.

The versatility of gold diamond jewellery is another reason to say yes to it. It can take many forms – like subtle diamond stud earrings that you can wear pretty much anywhere, or a larger diamond necklace that will draw attention on important occasions. What’s more, such jewellery requires minimal care to keep it looking beautiful.

Playfulness Through Colour

And you don’t have to give up the advantages of diamond’s properties even if you’d really like something more colourful. Colour diamonds, also known as fancy diamonds, will serve you well in this case.

For instance pale blue eyes will stand out well with white gold earrings with diamonds in this colour. And if you choose unusual yellow or black colour diamonds, a diamond necklace can make an interesting impression.

It is also possible to come across pink, orange and green coloured diamonds. The KLENOTA jewellery studio notes that champagne diamonds are also growing in popularity.

When To Give Diamond Jewellery As A Gift?

You probably won’t find many women who wouldn’t be delighted with diamond earrings, no matter what the occasion.

Most often however, diamond jewellery is given on various anniversaries or momentous occasions in life. Of course, it is also typical to give a diamond ring for an engagement.

But what you may not know is the fact that diamonds are the birthstone of the month of April, so a gold diamond necklace is definitely suitable as a luxury birthday present especially in this month.

And if you really want to spice up the atmosphere at Christmas, diamond earrings wouldn’t be a bad gift under the tree either.