When Will The Days Of Intelligent Clothes Come?

Intelligent Clothes

Published on October 5th, 2021

People have become dependent on technology, which has led to the emergence of new devices. For the past few years, most of us have used wearable devices such as smartwatches to receive messages or notifications of favorite casinos like gg bet casino, monitor heart rate, blood pressure, and even track our steps.

However, wearable technology devices do not stop there. The potential for these gadgets is much bigger as engineers are now looking forward to introducing wearable components into textile. As a result, this will give way to smart clothes.

Intelligent clothes are sometimes referred to as high-tech clothing, e-textiles, or smart wear. They are simply clothes enhanced with technology. However, they might not have a screen and buttons like that of Darth Vader.

Instead, there are conductor wires hidden in the fabric, which are sensitive to gestures. But others can have additional hardware to enhance their smart functionality.

So, when will the days of intelligent clothes come? Well, if you are wondering that, then you will be glad to know that smart clothing has been with us for some years now.

Nike and Adidas were among the first companies to market sensors-embedded clothes, after which other brands followed suit.

Most of these garments can connect to an app or software via WiFi or Bluetooth. However, the latter is not necessary depending on the type of smart clothes.

Which Companies Are Making Intelligent Clothes?

Several companies have already stepped into the smart clothes industry, and we will probably see more of them in the coming years.

Among some of the known companies that have dipped their toes in this sector, including Google, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Under Armor, Sensor, Levi’s, etc.

What Are Some Examples Of Smart Clothes?

Some small and big companies have started integrating technology into clothing. Some examples of these businesses and their creations include:

  • Smart Jacket: Google and Levi Strauss have teamed up together to create a smart jean jacket, which users can use to take photos, receive incoming calls, play music, or skip a song, and so much more. This is all thanks to a small module attached to the jacket’s cuffs, which is chargeable through a micro USB and can connect to your phone through Bluetooth.
  • Smart Sleepwear: Under Armor, in corporation with Tom Brady, have found a way of helping people sleep better after a stressful day. The Under Armor Athlete Recovery Sleepwear is unique as it comes with special bioceramic particles. These absorb radiation produced by the body in the form of infrared energy and give it out as infrared energy. By doing so, it can promote joints and muscles to regenerate much faster and cells regrowth.
  • Smart Yoga Pants: A New York-based start-up company, Wearable X, has come up with smart yoga pants that can help its wearers with the exercise.
  • Smart Socks: Diabetes patients are usually at risk of foot wounds, which can even lead to amputation since they are not easy to monitor its symptoms. However, with the Siren Diabetic Sock and Foot Monitoring System, patients can monitor foot temperature and spot signs of complications like diabetes ulcers at an early stage.

Other examples of intelligent clothes include intelligent underwear, high-tech swimsuits, and smart bras, which can detect early symptoms of breast cancer.