10 Unique And Interesting Places Every College Student Should Visit

Best places to visit for college students

September 21st, 2021   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

Have you worked hard all school year and want to visit uncharted places on summer holidays? On our planet, along with modern, technologically, and industrially developed megalopolises, there are many little-known, unique, and breathtaking places where the student will be interested. Here are ten unimaginable places to visit.

Best Places To Visit For College Students

1. Puglia

Puglia is a southern Italian region that attracts its unspoiled nature, stunning panoramas, and fascinating history. Puglia is charming and multifaceted: mysterious grottoes, sun-drenched olive groves, hills and valleys, gorgeous beaches that are not inferior in their beauty to the Maldives and Sardinia create a special atmosphere and unique flavor.

Centuries-old sights, delicious cuisine, hospitable locals – everything in Puglia is harmonious. Puglia has the longest coastline in Italy, washed by two seas at once – the Adriatic and the Ionian. This way you can learn more about Italy, its unique sights and soak up the sun by the sea.

2. Madagascar

Madagascar is an island that has attracted curious people for a long time. Almost 90% of the animals and plants that live here are unique and not found anywhere else in the world. Madagascar was one of the last areas of the Earth discovered by man.

The uniqueness of the island is due to its long isolation from neighboring continents. Madagascar can be called the “lost world.”

The island gives many amazing impressions to fans of ecotourism – here, you can look into the mouth of a sleeping volcano, swim in the streams of a waterfall, arrange extreme rafting, watch whales and sharks.

If you want to see this place and try all the fun, hire an essay assistant in advance so that you can live on the island until the end of the summer and not waste time on tedious tasks.

3. Ladakh


Ladakh is a student super exciting place. Ladakh is part of the Tibetan Plateau; it is a part of Tibet, located on the territory of India. Ladakh has many features: incredible unearthly landscapes, the harsh beauty of the highlands, friendly, interesting people, many trekking routes, etc.

Ladakh is famous for its height. The city is located above 3000 meters above sea level. The combination of landscape, climate, religion, and culture makes this region truly unique and unlike anything else.

There are student discounts for many entertainments. Therefore, if you are looking for an economical but exciting place to travel, Ladakh is an ideal option.

4. Salta

The central city of the province of the same name, Salta, is the most important tourist center of the country. “Salta la Linda” – which means Salta the beauty, as the Argentines themselves call this city, is located in a picturesque valley sandwiched between mountain ranges.

Houses carved into the rocks, ringing silence, almost complete desertion, and incredible views are offered by Salta. Note that Salta is another place that allows you to save money since the owners of restaurants and hotels treat guests well, giving gifts.

5. Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands, at first glance, represent a barely noticeable point on a geographical map, but in fact, it is an archipelago of 18 islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. Few know about their existence.

What will be interesting about college student travel in the Faroe Islands? National Geographic Traveler described the Faroe Islands as “authentic and pristine.”

For its relatively small area, this archipelago preserves a rich cultural heritage and many wonders. The atmosphere of the islands makes you want to disconnect and reboot.

The Faroe Islands are a place of pristine nature, a place of strength and inspiration. If you need to reboot for the new school year, Faroe Islands are waiting for you.

6. Georgia


Georgia is love at first sight. Here are waiting for you: incredible landscapes, wonderfully hospitable people who are always ready to help you, excellent service in everything, and affordable prices.

The heart of Georgia is Tbilisi, a city that will undoubtedly amaze you with its combination of ancient temples and buildings with modern, postmodern architecture.

A unique feature of Georgia is its cuisine, which welcomes guests with an extraordinary presentation and gustatory diversity. If you want to enjoy clean air and delicious food, you should go to Georgia.

7. Stockholm

Locals call Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, “Venice of the North.” The city is spread over the archipelago of the Baltic Sea, and wherever you look, you will be surrounded by water.

Stockholm is a cultural place where you can visit world-class museums, royal palaces, and modern galleries. Stockholm is famous for its wide shrubs, plants, flowers, and ponds. If you’re chasing incredible views, visit Stockholm.

8. Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum, a desert in Jordan, is a delightful place as the unusual local landscape has not been affected by the all-consuming human civilization.

Here you can walk under the miraculous rocky arches and look at the bizarre sculptures that water, wind, and sun have painstakingly created for millennia.

Also, you can try to climb one of the rocks with the help of climbing equipment, arrange for yourself a hike by rock paintings that are more than four thousand years old. Powerful cliffs rise like a wall above the arid red plain.

Some of the peaks reach a height of 1,750 meters. Guides can take you routes through rugged gorges and bright hills, built of local colorful sandstone and burning in the rays of the hot sun like precious stones.

9. Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of Africa’s most exciting countries, famous for various natural landscapes, rich fauna, ancient history, and unique culture, not found anywhere else in the world.

Tourists are attracted by the opportunity to observe various animals: elephants, cheetahs, lions, giraffes, hippos, crocodiles, antelopes, monkeys, and many other representatives of the African fauna live in local, national parks.

There are many healing mineral springs in the country’s center, allowing Ethiopia to develop health tourism, and the Ethiopian mountains attract ecotourism and trekking fans.

10. France

Paris, France

France is a place of gourmet cuisine, delicious wine, royal castles, and extraordinary style. Here you can visit the legendary Versailles, the Villandry castle, a place during the Roman Empire, see the Mediterranean coast, and travel to the Alps.

Wherever you go in France, you will be surrounded by stunning landmarks, museums, and parks. We wish you an incredible journey!