Leather Made Custom Watch Strap Singapore Has A Compelling Attraction That Suits All Styles And Designs

Leather Made Custom Watch Strap

Published on July 3rd, 2019

Having some idea about the ideal look of watches should help you to select the right kind of watch strap but being ignorant about it can make the task tough.

The type of watch strap that goes well with any watch depends on the selection of strap material and its design and style that must complement the watch design and style. Some watches appear to look better with metal bands while some others could look excellent when sporting a silicone or nylon strap.

But leather straps are the pick of the lot because it can match with almost all types of watches or has the most comprehensive options to choose from.

Those who prefer a comfortable, stylish, and vintage look, the custom watch strap Singapore made from leather are the most preferred choice.

1. The Timeless Appeal Of Leather

The beauty of leather straps is timeless and so versatile is its appeal that it goes well with both formal and casual dresses. You can wear it for business meetings and even when partying.

Leather straps or bands are available in a variety of colors, and the handmade variety has a special appeal that is too much appealing.

In addition, you can choose from different types of leather, each having its own appeal. The vast range of leather straps from the low-end leather to the exotic varieties, it is not at all difficult to get the strap that you are looking for without straining your pockets.

Quality of leather and the stitching are the most salient features of watch straps that contribute to its quality. Even minor imperfections in leather color or color of stitches can spoil the appeal, and you must be particularly careful about the leather quality.

2. Genuine Leather

Leather obtained from the hides of cattle, pig, or oxen constitutes genuine leather that is highly durable. Although there must not be any doubt about the leather quality, which is truly genuine those who want straps to last almost lifetime would do better to choose metal straps.

However, the color choices of leather straps might be limited because some leading watch strap manufacturers produce small color batches, and your preferred color might not always be available.

3. Full Grain Leather

Genuine leather comes in two varieties – one that has been buffed or sanded to remove imperfections and another type that has the imperfections and sold as full grain leather.

The leather retains the entire skin thickness that constitutes the best quality and can last for many years. The leather being the best quality is expensive but pays back well in terms of durability.

4. Faux Leather

For those who cannot afford genuine leather or full grain leather can go for some pocket-friendly leather-like material known as faux leather that resembles the looks of leather but only for some time.

The product is a mixture of plastic base and polyurethane or wax that can produce the desired texture and color.

You must take proper care of leather straps because it is not waterproof, and water exposure can damage its looks and shorten its life.