How To Stay On-Track While Traveling

How To Stay On-Track While Traveling: A Guide To Healthy Vacations

Published on May 6th, 2020

A staggering $135 billion — that’s how much Americans spent on international travel in 2017.

Fast forward a year later, and 6% more US citizens traveled outside of the country. That brings the total to 93 million US citizens who went on an international trip.

If you’re thinking of jumping on this bandwagon, then healthy vacations should be on top of your list.

After all, you don’t want to be all excited now only to end up getting sick during your trip.

Ready to learn how to keep your health in check while on vacay? Then keep reading, as we’ve rounded up some healthy travel tips for you to abide by!

First Things First: Get A Language Translation App

A  is every traveler’s best bud because it can help bridge the language gap. Especially if you’re heading to a country where your mother tongue isn’t the main language.

You can use such apps to translate the name of healthy travel food you want to eat into the local language.

You can also use it to let restaurant personnel know about the food you’re allergic to.

Food Allergies Are Non-Negotiable

Speaking of food allergies, did you know that 32 million people in the US have such a condition? Unfortunately, many of the foods they’re allergic to are staples in other countries.

They might be in local dishes or street food that you try.

As useful as a translating app can be, there may still be some language barrier.

So, just to be sure, always have antihistamines with you if you have food allergies.

This will help keep inflammations and even more serious anaphylaxis attacks at bay.

Line Your Itinerary Up With Activities That Involve Getting Physical

You don’t have to 100% restrict your diet to healthy food while traveling, but be sure to work out all those calories!

You can make this easy by choosing active sightseeing activities, like walking tours. If you’re more of a lone fox, you can rent a bike and go on a DIY biking tour.

Not the type to make and stick to itineraries? Feeling spontaneous? Our last minute cruise deals are here to help.

These liners come with top-notch gym facilities as well as a wide range of healthy food and meal options. All these can help you stay healthy while traveling the open seas!

Be Festive But Don’t Overdo It

Traveler’s diarrhea and constipation are very common maladies that affect vacationers. The former alone affects up to 60% of two-week travelers.

Alcohol consumption is among the most common culprits behind these travelers’ maladies. This doesn’t mean that you have to completely ban alcohol during your trip.

Your best bet, though, is to eat before you drink, which can slow your body’s alcohol absorption rate.

Drink in moderation and be sure to drink as much plain water as you can with those alcoholic beverages.

Have Fun And Keep Safe With These Tips For Healthy Vacations

There you have it, all the top tips that will help you make the most out of healthy vacations.

So long as you keep these in mind, you can keep unpleasantries at bay during your much-deserved vacay.

Want to pack your own healthy travel snacks? Be sure to check out all the tasty, delish recipes we have on this site then!