How AI Helps To Transcribe Audio To Text

Transcribe Audio To Text

September 20th, 2019   |   Updated on February 13th, 2020

We live in a fast-paced world. Producing and sharing high-quality information isn’t enough.

Sometimes, the information that can be published or posted quickly is more valuable. The tools that help you work faster are essential – tools like Audext.

Audext allows you to transcribe audio to text with ease and efficiency.

It uses AI to record and transcribe online, within minutes. With this sophisticated AI model, Audext makes your work easier and faster.

Make Your Work Easier With Audio To Text AI

If you’re a busy person, you know the importance of writing everything down.

Countless meetings and phone calls can get easily get lost amongst other things. To stay organized you need an AI that can transcribe audio to text.

When you run Audext, it records audio and converts it to text instantaneously, so you have your transcription as soon as your meeting is over.

Audext can go further than recording meetings, too.Use it to record your own voice memos that you can transfer to your laptop.

Students can record and transcribe their university lectures to study for exams. Audext is ideal for journalists who need interviews and statements in a hurry.

Whatever the nature of your work, make it simpler with audio to text AI.

Audext Is Perfect For Journalists And Media Professionals

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How many hours have you wasted typing up your notes from an interview? On average, 1 hour of audio content means 3 hours of transcribing.

With a tool that lets you transcribe audio to text, like Audext, that time won’t be lost anymore.

Not only is it great for interviews and taking statements, but other media professionals can use the audio to text AI for several projects.

If you produce a podcast, you can generate your show notes quickly with the convert audio file to text feature.

If you need to translate an audio file into another language, you can convert it to text first, making the process smoother.

Once your audio file is transcribed, you can adjust your text with the online text editor.

Maximize Your Meeting Minutes

Never question what was said in a meeting again – rely on Audext to record and transcribe the meeting.

No more need to take notes or produce meeting minutes. Everyone present can have their own copy of what transpired, improving your team’s overall communication and productivity.

It’s Perfect for Conference Calls Too

In today’s business world, more meetings are virtual than not. Without face-to-face contact, getting the exact transcription manually can be a hassle.

Audext is optimized to handle conference calls. Multiple voices from multiple sources pose no problem for the audio to text AI.

Produce accurate meeting minutes from all of your conference calls, and stay organized.

Audio To Text For Content Marketers

For content and social media marketing, Audext is an essential tool. Quickly take a quote from an interview, audio file, or podcast, and post it on your social media channels.

Instead of listening to your recording again later to pick out a tweet or Facebook quote, find it right away.

With instantaneous audio to text to conversion, you’ll have your transcription almost in real-time.

You can post your update on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram even faster. Apply this same technique to webinars, too.

Many webinars encourage engagement from attendees; if you have Audext you can quickly post your comments for others to see.

Why Choose Audext?

Audext can be used completely online. No need to install any software, the recording and transcription can all be done from your browser.

This makes Audext ideal for people on the go – if you have access to Internet and a web browser, then you can record and transcribe.

Your transcriptions will be recorded as a DOC file then converted to TXT, totally online.

Audext is fast, too. It uses AI to transcribe automatically, converting audio to text within minutes. The online text editor also lets you edit your file with speed.

Each word in the text file is linked to a timestamp on the audio file. So you can play your audio back from anywhere in the text.

You can also slow down or speed up the playback, whatever your editing needs require.

Use the audio to text converter AI to convert several types of audio files – Mp3, WAV, OGG, WMA, and M4A.

You can choose to convert to a TXT file or as a DOC file. Audext gives you options, so you can rest easy knowing your file types are supported.

Get started with Audext today, you can sign up with a free trial. Work faster, work smarter. With Audext.