28 Awesome Gift Ideas For The Beauty Addict In Your Life

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January 30th, 2017   |   Updated on February 28th, 2020

We hope you love the products we recommend. Here are some of the coolest and amazing beauty products from Amazon :

1. Fuck Me Perfume Eau De Parfum 2 FL OZ Sensual Fragrance Spray

Fuck Me Perfume Eau De Parfum 2 FL OZ Sensual Fragrance Spray

From the makers of Sure Fuck Cologne, Sure Fuck USA, we are proud to introduce our newest fragrance line.

Fuck Me Perfume! Fuck Me Perfume Is a Eau de Parfum Our sensual fragrance is for the alluring flirt with a romantic spirit who’s playful and the modern woman who follows her heart—and she just might break yours!

Men in her life find this fragrance to be irresistibly stimulating! This is a new generation of fragrance that is an exciting, colorful multi-dimensional adventure for the confident young woman who is leading the way in this dynamic world that she owns! She can no longer be defined by a simple aspect of her life. Buy Now

2. All Natural Deodorant

 All Natural Deodorant

Primal pit paste is a deodorant made with organic and all-natural ingredients. Inside our products you’ll find only organic and all natural ingredients.

Baking soda neutralizes the bacteria that causes odor, and it is mixed with anti-microbial organic coconut oil and organic shea butter to soothe your skin. Buy Now

3. Starry Night Socks

 Starry Night Socks

Sock It To Me Knee High Socks in Cotton Blend. Buy Now

4. Rainbow Blush Makeup

Rainbow Blush Makeup

Fashionable Makeup Cake Rainbow bronzer & highlighter formulation. Professionally Made rainbow Highlighter, Beautiful Raindow Eyeshadow and blusher.

Long-lasting,Easy to Wear ,Removes with Soap and Water. Come with regular color and Irregular color , shipped by random .

You can also tell us which type you refer . We guarantee you will love it, or your money back . Buy Now

5. The Gift Of Nothing

Awesome Gift Ideas

What do you get for someone who has everything? What about the Gift of Nothing! That’s right, nadda, zilch, zip, zero, diddly squat could be winging it’s way to you in the post right now! Excited? Experience Nothing in all it’s simplistic, anti-climax glory and hope that next year, you get a lump of coal at least.

Show the kids of today what it used to be like when you were a kid ‘;You’d be lucky if you got an orange and stick with a face painted on it’Buy Now

6. Shower Shaving Foot Rest

Shower Shaving Foot Rest

Get a leg up on bathroom safety with this suction cup shower foot rest. The Foot Rest Safe er Grip from Mommy’s Helper makes shaving your legs in the shower easier by giving you a place to rest your foot at what ever height is comfortable for you.

The Safe er Grip assists your balance while shaving in the shower full body weight is not to be applied to product. Buy Now

7. Lipstick Lighter

Lipstick Lighter

Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and different information than what is shown on our website.

We recommend that you do not rely solely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. Buy Now

8. Cat Car Headrest Pillow

Awesome Gift Ideas For Her

Extremely lifelike 3D animal printed, unique and special, Elastic band tied onto headrest easily. Containing charcoal bag to help eliminate odor & purified the air inside car. Buy Now

9. Monkey Nail Blow Dryer

Monkey Nail Blow Dryer

Cute monkey nail polish blower dryer. 100% brand new with high quality plastic material. Press on the plate of bananas and the cute monkey will blow cool air. Dry your freshly painted nails quickly. Buy Now

10. Water Bottle With Compartment

 Water Bottle With Compartment

G’day Mate! Kangaroo is our Wonda from Down Unda because its pocket “pouch” is the perfect place for storing IDs, money or a key in your BPA-free water bottle.

Whether hitting the weights on the floor or staying in place in spin class you’ll also love Kangaroo’s spill-proof technology and one-handed convenience. It’s everything you need in a reusable water bottle! Buy Now

11. MacBook Pocket Mirror

 MacBook Pocket Mirror

Mirror Book Air Mirrorbook Notebook Folding Compact Portable Pocket Mirror Buy Now

12. Glow In The Dark Nail Polish

Glow In The Dark Nail Polish

Glow In The Dark And Under Black Light Nail Polish (6-Piece Set). This gorgeous new Glow in the Dark colored nail polish will ignite your nails with a sexy, sultry glow! This nail polish applies smooth and even just like other premium nail polish leaving your nails shiny and healthy looking in 6 rich assorted colors.

The color of the nail polish shows nicely during the day, but when the lights go out your nails will glow bright in the dark for hours. To recharge the glow just expose your fingers and toes to light and your ready to go! Paint your finger nails and toe nails with salon quality glow polish. Buy Now

13.Multi-Vitamins For Drinkers

Multi-Vitamins For Drinkers

Our 30-ingredient multivitamin was created by two UC Berkeley graduates who couldn’t find the comprehensive formula they were looking for.

Along the way, they hired two different doctors – a Ph.D in Biomedical Science and a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine – to help them create the best formula possible.  Buy Now

14. P**n For Women Book

P**n For Women Book

The Cambridge Women’s Pornography Cooperative asked women, young, old, rich, and poor, “What really, really gets you hot?” Armed with their findings, they worked day and night to create Porn for Women. Buy Now

15. Asshole Repellent

Asshole Repellent

“as seen on back label “…. Let`s face it. The world`s full of Assholes. Whether they`re at the mall, behind the wheel, at the supermarket, or at the gas station, they`re everywhere.

They`re Assholes, and you just can`t avoid them. Now you can stick it back to em` with Asshole Repellent. What is Asshole Repellent? It`s a mere sassy display that displaces cause and effect over and over again.

The planet will run out of Assholes before you`ll run out of Asshole Repellent; and we both know that is not happening. Buy Now

16. Champagne Shotgun Glass

A device used for the rapid and enhanced experience of of sparkling wine / champagne consumption. It’ll make you friends. Land you that big promotion.

Fill the void. Mic drop. Walk off home run. Pick up mic. Crush karaoke. Make your parents proud.Buy Now

17. Bath Tub Wine Glass Holder

Awesome Gift Ideas

Like any suction cup, it works best with non-porous surfaces. Will not work on porous stone such as travertine. It will last forever on glass, mirror, and smooth tile.

However, surfaces like brushed stainless steel and some plastic shower surrounds, are actually slightly porous. On these slightly porous surfaces, the suction only lasts for a few hours to a day.

Plenty long enough to have your drink in the shower, but it will not stay for days like truly non-porous surfaces. This is true for all suction cups, even though ours is the highest quality. Sturdiness also depends on your application. Buy Now

18. Cocktail Garden Kit

Cocktail Garden Kit

Grow your own Cocktail Garden, perfect for the gardener who enjoys a tipple. A specially selected range of seeds to grow plants with an interesting variety of aromas to flavour and garnish your drinks.

An award-winning mixologist has been commissioned and has created an exciting selection of original drink recipes which combine their taste and flavours to perfection.

You don’t need a lot of space to make a cocktail garden. You could dedicate a simple raised bed or integrate your cocktail plants into your garden borders.Buy Now

19. Lips Plumper

Lips Plumper

Fullips Enhancers are designed using self-suction to create a better lip line and overall fullness to the lips. The ultra-lightweight Fullips tool provides a simple, non-invasive, and temporary option for achieving fuller lips without the pain and expense of lip injections.

The individual controls the level of enhancement, and the size and shape of their lips. Used much the same way as a lip plumping gloss, without ever needing a replacement!

Small enough to tuck into a makeup bag, these little red enhancers can quickly be used before touching up lipstick or gloss, every day or just on special occasions. Made to be durable, they will not break if dropped or carried around in a bag. Buy Now

20. Metal Chain Wine Stand

Metal Chain Wine Stand
Use the magic chain to proudly show your wine anywhere. Simply put a bottle through the loop and let the chrome plated steel chain do the rest. This bottle holder makes for a great display piece for your favorite bottles.Buy Now

21. Invisible Heels

Invisible Heels

Hello to Longer Legs 2″ Elevator Invisible Heels  Buy Now

22. Hangover Remedy Tablets

Hangover Remedy Tablets

Blowfish is a new over-the-counter drug specifically designed to treat the major symptoms of a hangover, with effervescent tablets that are dissolved in water and taken the morning after a big night out.

Blowfish treats your headache and gets you up and moving on those rough mornings. The effervescent delivery system helps rehydrate, and works fast because the ingredients are already dissolved.  Buy Now

23. Facial Fitness Device

Facial Fitness Device

Thermoplastic polyurethane, stainless steel, polycarbonate +ABS resin [mouthpiece] thermoplastic elastomer [mouthpiece Case] polypropylene [balance weight] zinc, ABS resin [porch] polyester Country of Origin: Made in Japan  Buy Now

24. The Shoe Wheel

The Shoe Wheel

The Shoe Wheel stores up to 30 pairs of shoes. Its rotating design allows you to quickly view and pick your desired shoes. Expandable pockets easily adjust to accommodate a wide variety of sneakers, heels, flats, etc., while elastic polyester cords firmly secure the shoes in place. Locking swivel wheels on the bottom for ease of moving it around. Buy Now

25. Coiled Wax Candle

Coiled Wax Candle

Candle by the Hour candle is easy to use and lasts hours upon hours. Merely place the beeswax coil through the spring loaded clip in increments of 3 inches or less. Each three inches of candle wax will burn approximately one hour. Buy Now

26. Exposed Muscles Leggings

 Exposed Muscles Leggings

Leegoal Fashion Muscle Print Women Spandex Leggings. Waist: 22.8 inch – 33 inch, Hip: 30.7 inch – 39.3 inch, Thigh: 17.3 inch – 23.6 inch, Ankle: 9 inch, Leggings Length: 37.8 inch. Buy Now

27. Underbust Sweat Absorbers

Underbust Sweat Absorbers

These discreet, soft liners are worn under the bottom of the bra and designed with viscose from bamboo material to absorb under-boob moisture and prevent chafing. Buy Now

28. Hairclip Multi-Tool

Hairclip Multi-Tool

Screw driver, wrench, trolley coin, ruler & cutting edge, all combined in this tiny hair clip. A multi functional hair clip that doubles as a toolbox on the go! Made of Stainless steel. Also available in the Clippa series: Clippa Lady , Clippa Blackfin. Buy Now