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15 Best Camera Apps For Android: Boost Your Photography

Best camera apps for Android

October 10th, 2023   |   Updated on November 6th, 2023

Elevate your photography skills with the best camera apps for Android and capture moments like a pro

In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, the significance of camera technology has reached unprecedented heights.

Mobile phone manufacturers are fervently striving to enhance their camera systems, enabling them to perform reliably in various conditions, excel in low-light settings, and incorporate innovative features that captivate their user base.

In fact, the camera has become such a pivotal factor in the decision-making process for many consumers that they often base their purchasing choices solely on the specifications of the camera.

What’s fascinating is that, more often than not, the stock camera apps provided by phone manufacturers tend to outshine most third-party alternatives.

The reason behind this lies in the intimate knowledge that these manufacturers have about their own camera setups, allowing them to optimize their software and hardware integration to perfection.

This phenomenon is particularly evident in the cases of tech giants like Google, Samsung, and Huawei, which leverage AI and other advanced software enhancements in tandem with their camera hardware.

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Best Camera Apps For Android

1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom, primarily known as a photo editor, surprisingly boasts a built-in camera app that offers respectable capabilities.

This camera app includes noteworthy features such as HDR, RAW support, a variety of modes and presets, and even manual camera controls.

What’s particularly advantageous is that Adobe Lightroom is among the top-notch mobile photo editor apps available, allowing users to seamlessly transition from capturing photos with its camera app to editing them within the same platform.

2. ReLens

ReLens is a remarkable smartphone app designed to instantly elevate your photography experience to professional levels. It achieves this through cutting-edge AI-powered computational photography and advanced algorithms.

One of its standout features is the DSLR-grade large aperture, which effortlessly produces striking background blurs and cinematic effects, ideal for photography enthusiasts.

With a wide range of capabilities, including an f1.4 aperture for portrait mode, classic SLR lens emulations, various filters, depth of field control, manual settings, a 20x zoom, and professional auxiliary tools, ReLens offers a comprehensive suite for capturing stunning photos.

ReLens also functions as a robust photo editor, providing AI zone adjustment, color grading tools, filters, and HDR enhancements. Importantly, all image processing occurs locally on your device, ensuring your privacy is safeguarded.

Furthermore, the app developers are committed to continuous improvement, promising exciting updates in the future.

In essence, ReLens empowers smartphone photographers to unleash their creativity and capture professional-quality shots effortlessly.

3. Cymera

Cymera is among the well-established and widely used camera apps, catering to a more mainstream audience. Its primary emphasis lies in delivering a plethora of features like filters, stickers, special effects, and other creative elements.

Additionally, it offers a beauty camera mode, allowing users to modify facial and body features, although these alterations can be quite dramatic. The app also includes a built-in photo editor for making minor adjustments to your images.

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Cymera is available as a free download, with the option to purchase additional content through in-app purchases. Ultimately, it offers a range of tools to enhance and personalize your photography experience.

4. Soda

Soda is a beauty camera app designed for Android users. It offers convenient one-touch makeup and filter combinations, real-time beauty effects, and a diverse selection of skin-optimized color filters.

The app also provides a portrait effect feature that enables easy focus adjustments with a single tap. Importantly, Soda maintains high-quality standards, allowing users to capture high-resolution pictures without compromising on image quality.

5. Koda Cam

Koda Cam is a well-liked camera and photo editor combination app available for Android users. It’s particularly appealing to those who appreciate retro and vintage photo effects.

With just a single tap, Koda Cam allows you to infuse your photos with nostalgic elements such as film scratches, dust effects, and glitchy chromatic aberrations, giving them that enchanting old-school aesthetic.

The app offers a rich selection of features, including over 30 analog film filters and more than 40 light leak filters. Additionally, it includes a creative adjustment feature that automatically imparts a vintage charm to your images.

In essence, Koda Cam empowers users to effortlessly transform their photos into captivating pieces reminiscent of the classic film era, making it a go-to choice for retro photography enthusiasts.

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6. Manual Camera

Manual Camera is a solid camera app offering a range of manual controls for photography enthusiasts.

It provides users with precise adjustments for exposure, white balance, ISO, focus, and shutter speed, along with support for RAW file capture. Additionally, if your phone supports it, you can use the app for slow-motion video recording.

Manual Camera also introduces various shooting modes, including burst shots and 4K video recording, for a comprehensive photography experience.

While its post-processing capabilities may not match those of stock camera apps, Manual Camera compensates by offering unique shooting modes that your phone’s default camera may lack.

It’s worth noting that the app hasn’t received an update since 2020, raising some concerns about potential developer abandonment.

Nonetheless, it remains a valuable tool for users seeking greater control over their smartphone photography.

7. McPro24fps

McPro24fps stands out as a highly potent mobile video camera app, offering an array of advanced features, including professional-grade capabilities like 10-bit video recording and HLG support.

It also provides tools such as LUT readouts, focus peaking, metadata management, and more, enriching the videography experience.

It’s important to note that some of these features require compatible hardware on your phone to function optimally.

While McPro24fps excels in the realm of mobile video recording, it does come with a learning curve, making it somewhat challenging for newcomers until they become accustomed to its intricacies.

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It’s worth mentioning that this app falls on the pricier side, but as the saying goes, quality often comes at a premium.

8. Open Camera

Open Camera is a highly regarded camera app that has garnered a strong following among serious photographers.

It offers a comprehensive set of features catering to photography enthusiasts, including essential controls like exposure, white balance, ISO, focus, shutter speed, and compatibility with RAW files.

Additionally, Open Camera includes convenient functionalities like a timer, support for certain external microphones, HDR (High Dynamic Range) support, and exposure bracketing, among other features.

One of the standout aspects of Open Camera is that it’s completely free to use, with no in-app purchases or intrusive advertising, making it a cost-effective choice for users looking to enhance their photography experience.

Moreover, the app is entirely open-source, which means its underlying code is accessible and transparent to the public.

This open-source nature is a notable advantage, as it encourages collaboration and customization, ultimately providing users with a trusted and community-supported camera app.

9. Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe Photoshop Camera is a versatile and free photo editing and camera app that simplifies the process of enhancing your photos.

With the ability to apply over 100 stunning filters and effects before capturing your shot, it empowers you to unleash your creativity effortlessly.

The app is user-friendly and leverages AI-powered features for auto-tone adjustments and portrait enhancements, including background blurring.

While it may not match the sheer power of desktop Photoshop or the comprehensive features of Adobe Lightroom on mobile, it’s a handy tool for adding flair to your Instagram posts.

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10. Pixtica

Pixtica is a relatively recent addition to the world of camera apps, offering a variety of creative tools and respectable post-processing capabilities.

Its feature set encompasses live filters, manual controls, exposure adjustments, GIF recording, slow-motion mode, support for RAW files, a QR code scanner, and additional functionalities.

Notably, it also includes basic gallery and photo editing features, providing an all-in-one photography experience. Note that certain features in Pixtica require a subscription, potentially adding to its cost.

While Pixtica provides a versatile set of tools, it’s essential to note that the stock camera app on your device might still excel in terms of post-processing capabilities.

11. ProCam X

ProCam X is a relatively recent addition to the world of camera apps, and it stands out by catering to a more professional audience rather than focusing on filters and social media-centric features.

This app offers a range of valuable functionalities, including burst mode for capturing multiple shots in quick succession, facial recognition for improved portrait photography, support for recording 4K video, and compatibility with RAW image files.

ProCam X also includes manual controls, provided your device supports them, allowing you to fine-tune settings like exposure and focus.

It offers additional features like the ability to disable the shutter sound for discreet shooting and various camera modes such as scene and focus modes.

These features collectively make ProCam X a compelling choice for users seeking a third-party camera app that checks many of the boxes for a robust photography experience.

Moreover, its post-processing capabilities are commendable, further enhancing its appeal to photography enthusiasts.

12. ProShot

ProShot is an outstanding camera app that offers unparalleled control over your photography experience.

It provides essential manual controls, including exposure, white balance, ISO, focus, and shutter speed, empowering users to fine-tune their shots precisely.

An important aspect of this app is its commitment to privacy, as it neither stores, collects, nor transmits user data.

ProShot also brings several advanced features into play, such as RAW file support, timelapse capabilities, compatibility with HEIC format (on devices that support it), and even pro-level tools like a histogram for in-depth image analysis.

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To ensure compatibility with all these features, there’s an evaluator app available that users should try before making a purchase. We strongly recommend giving it a test run to ensure it suits your needs before committing.

13. OldRoll

OldRoll is a free Android app that replicates the experience of using a realistic analog camera.

It provides users with classic camera styles and vintage film textures, delivering a nostalgic feel to their photos without the need for additional editing.

The app offers a selection of analog cameras, each equipped with its distinct filter, along with supplementary features like effects and date stamps.

It’s noteworthy that OldRoll is regularly updated, and the developers have exciting plans to introduce camcorders and video effects in future releases, making it an evolving and creative tool for vintage photography enthusiasts.

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14. VSCO

VSCO is a widely popular camera and photo editing app combination.

While the camera aspect of the app is somewhat straightforward and may not match the power of your device’s native camera app or some competitors, the photo editing component is highly regarded as one of the best in the mobile photography realm.

The photo editor within VSCO boasts a rich array of filters, effects, and customizable settings, providing users with ample tools for enhancing their images.

Moreover, the app extends these features to video content as well, making it versatile for various creative projects.

A unique selling point of VSCO is its ability to replicate the characteristics of various other cameras, adding a distinctive touch to your photos.

However, it’s important to note that the app does come at a cost, as many of its premium features require payment. This pricing model has led to mixed reviews, as some users have expressed concerns about the expense.

For those who prioritize robust photo editing capabilities, VSCO remains a formidable choice.

15. Stock Camera App

Every smartphone is equipped with its own dedicated camera app, thoughtfully crafted by manufacturers to seamlessly complement the camera hardware of your device.

These stock camera apps often incorporate exclusive features and optimizations that are tailored specifically to your phone. As a result, they deliver unparalleled image quality and take full advantage of device-specific functionalities.

These stock camera apps frequently offer valuable add-ons and enhancements.

For instance, certain brands like Samsung provide additional camera modes that users can download to extend their photography capabilities, features that might not be accessible through third-party camera apps.

Developing camera apps that cater to the diverse array of phone cameras on the market can be a complex and challenging task for third-party developers.

In contrast, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have the luxury of crafting camera apps meticulously tailored to their own devices.

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As a result, while this list includes alternative camera apps for various needs, it’s essential to acknowledge that your stock camera app should remain your primary choice, as it provides the best image quality and device-specific features.

The other apps in this list can be used to complement and enhance your overall photography experience. And you can find these apps on this APK download website – Appisfree.