Reasons Why Carnations Are Regarded As The Best Flowers For Mother’s Day Bouquet

Flowers For Mother’s Day Bouquet

April 19th, 2018   |   Updated on May 21st, 2018

Carnations are quite a popular choice as a Mother’s Day floral gift in several nations across the world. Nothing could be a better gift for your mom on the occasion of the Mother’s Day than an exotic bouquet of flowers.

You may opt for the traditional carnations. Your mom would appreciate the gesture and would feel happy. Let us explore some of the interesting facts about carnations that should reveal why they are regarded as the most popular and beautiful flowers to gift your mom on her most special day in the year.

Carnations are also known as Clove Pink or Grenadine which seems to be an herbaceous plant that was first found in the Mediterranean area. This plant boasts of beautiful fringed petal flowers that often release a spicy aroma.

Carnations Have Historical Implications & Value

Carnations have a tremendous amount of historical significance and value. It is believed that Anna Jarvis had actually campaigned with a lot of dedication to make Mother’s Day one of the National Holidays in North America.

In her attempt to convince the authorities Anna had sent as many as 500 white carnations as a wonderful gesture to gift to the mothers who were then present at the local church. This was the beginning of a wonderful tradition and a warm gesture.

Carnations represent deep love, purity, beauty, charity, and faith. As all these were regarded as real virtues of motherhood, carnations became a hot favorite choice as a Mother’s Day gift. Carnations convey a wonderful message to the moms and make them feel truly special.

Carnations Are the Best Choice for Both the Dead and the Living Moms

Gifting flowers to loved ones on their special occasions could be the best thing you could do to demonstrate your love, respect, and affection for them. Traditionally speaking carnations have always been the right choice for gifting your mom on the Mother’s Day.

You could use different colored carnations to express your love and gratitude to your living mom or your mom who has passed away. Pink and dull red carnations are the best choice for your personalized bouquet to gift your beloved mom who is still present in your life.

However, white carnations are just right for your mom who has left you for her heavenly abode. You could put some white carnations on her grave on the Mother’s Day as a gesture of remembrance and a token of love. It is perhaps the best way of telling your mom how much you still miss her in your life.

Carnations Are Pocket-Friendly

Carnations are very beautiful flowers but at the same time, they are affordable. If you are looking for happiness, you must make your mom happy and content. One look at your carnation bouquet is enough to make her feel special and happy.

A bouquet of carnations could be the best choice as they always look stunning and you would not require spending heavily on these striking flowers. They are quite reasonably priced everywhere across the globe and irrespective of the season. They are quite cheap despite being really long-lasting. These flowers have a fantastic value for money.


Carnations Require Easy Care

Cut carnations last for a long time with a little care. It necessitates very little effort to keep cut carnations fresh. You need to keep changing the water at regular intervals and they should be kept away from the air conditioners, heaters, wind, and the sun. Keep trimming their stems and provide floral food whenever required.


Now that you know the important historical significance of carnations and the underlying meaning associated with gifting carnations, you must no longer hesitate while buying flowers for your mom. Go ahead and choose the fascinating carnations and you would never go wrong.