25 Amazing Gifts For Your Best Friends On This Friendship Day

gift for friendship day

Published on August 1st, 2018

Friendship Day which is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year will fall on August 5 this year. Friendship is unconditional, it comes with no price tag and has no terms and conditions. For all such lovely and caring friends, giving them a gift this friendship day is the best way to make them feel special and loving.

In case you are finding it hard to decide a perfect friendship gift for your best friend, We have compiled an ultimate gift guide for giving the best present ever to your best friend. here is help.

1. Because Everyone Knows That One Person

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Finally, these warm and comfortable poop emoji slippers — because everyone knows someone whose life revolves around that one little gross emoticon. Get it from Amazon for $19


2. These Awesome Copper Mugs For A Great Price

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I’m all about the Moscow Mule copper mugs trend, and this set of four is handcrafted and made from pure copper, but for an awesome price.  Get it from Amazon for $23.35


3. Style Your Hair In Minutes Without Damage

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This Calily heated hair straightening brush has such high ratings because it makes your hair soft, straight, and manageable with just a few minutes of brushing, and it’s got ceramic and ionizing technology to minimize damage. Get it from Amazon for $23


4. Never Forget Your Phone Charger Again

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The stress of leaving your phone charger in your other bag or plugged into your wall is very real. Fortunately, so is this key ring, which has a phone charger built right into it! Attach you set of keys to it, and never be less than ‘100’ again. Get it from Amazon for $17.99


5. Every Millennial Should Have A Slow Cooker

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No millennial should be without their own Proctor slow cooker, which lets you make impressive and delicious meals with minimal effort. This one has dishwasher safe parts, removable stoneware for easy cleaning, and a space-savvy four quart capacity. Get it from Amazon for $17.98


6. Samurai Bracelet Watch

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One lesser-known fact about the Samurai is their fondness for LED wristwatches. All about being promt, those guys. Sometimes, before unsheathing their swords, Samurai would even pause battle so that everyone could take their watch off and put it into their armor where it’d be protected even if they weren’t. Get it from Amazon for $8.94


7. LED Valve Caps

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Want to let people know you’re a big baller who’s serious about partying? Don’t spend thousands of dollars pimping your car. Just buy these two dollar LED valve caps and take ’em out for a spin. Get it from Amazon for $3.01


8. Pet Umbrella

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Pets deserve dignity, too. Don’t let your dogs (or other small furry friends) suffer in the rain while you waltz around with your umbrella reminding them that you’re better than they are. Get it from Amazon for $14.99


9. Bluetooth Headphones


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These bluetooth headphones are lightweight, cool, and classy. They are engineered to give you a balanced, rich music experience while blocking out all the other random noises around you. Plus, all the controls and the mic are built into the headset. Get it from Amazon for $49.95


10. Contemporary Stool

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If you’re looking for a stylish accent to your living space, this stool is for you! It’s sturdy and comfortable, and it’s design will totally up the cool factor in the room. Get it from Amazon for $46.74


11. Chuck Taylor Shoes


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Chuck Taylors are one of the longest running “cool” shoe out there. They’re lightweight with rubber soles and canvas material – and you can sport them with so many different outfits on all kinds of occasions. Get it from Amazon for $20.99


12. Section Frying Pan


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Love cooking but hate doing all the dishes? This is a cool solution! It’s a frying pan divided up into 3 different sections. It’s the perfect pan to cook for 2, and it works on all cooktops. Get it from Amazon for $49.99


13. Bubble Waffle Maker


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Waffles are fun and amazing. But have you ever tried Bubble Waffles?! They are even better, and now you can make them at home! It works like a charm every time, and they make a great breakfast, snack or even delectable dessert.
Get it from Amazon for $39.95


14. 3 Man Chess

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Looking for a fun new game to play? Here is a unique take on chess that’s no longer limited to 2 players! It’s a beautifully crafted board with 3 teams and the different tactical and strategic options are almost endless! Get it from Amazon for $49.95


15. Balloon Dog Figurine

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Here’s a cool figurine to add to your collection – a metallic balloon dog. He makes a nice little piece of sculptural art to your desk or shelf. And it’s heavy enough to be used as a paperweight too. Get it from Amazon for $32.99


16. Folding Book Light

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What a nifty idea! This wooden folding book light is ingenious. It opens up to cast a beautiful light, and it can be folded to create a 360 degree lamp – perfect for camping! It’s rechargeable and environmentally friendly.  Get it from Amazon for $27.99


17. Silent Wall Clock


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If you get annoyed with the ticking of normal wall clocks, this should be your next investment. It’s totally silent – and it keeps time wonderfully! DecoMates offers several cool & stylish designs, and it’s so easy to mount. Get it from Amazon for $34.72


18. Wine Bottle Holder


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This is the coolest way to display or serve your favorite wine. Ever. It’s sleek design uses the bottle as a counterweight – it’s mesmerizing! The holder is made of sturdy aluminum so you don’t have to worry about breakage, and it fits most standard bottles. Sophisticated, unique and cool. Get it from Amazon for $35


19. Travel Domino Set


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The only problem with most domino sets? They are so freaking heavy. Not so with this sleek wooden set! They are made of all natural birch wood and leather. They have a fun minimalist design cut in by laser and come with practical muslin bag. Get it from Amazon for $35


20. Lucas’ Papaw Ointment


Works wonders as a lip conditioner, but you can also use it for just about anything else. It’s great for scratches and cuts and everything in between. Get it from Amazon for $12


21. Derma-e Glycolic Facial Cleanser

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A wonderful cleanser for acne-prone skin. Get it from Amazon for $12


22. Clinique Repairwear Intensive Lip Treatment

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Hands down the best lip treatment of all time. I put this on my lips at night to soothe and moisturize them. This product is a staple in my beauty cabinet. Get it from Amazon for $28


23. Aura Cacia Organic Deep Rosehip Facial Oil Serum

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Like this because it’s all natural and really protects my skin against winter’s elements.  Get it from Amazon for $29.95


24. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Face Mask (Mix With Raw Apple Cider Vinegar)

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This mask is so intense I only use it twice a month. It is extremely detoxifying and clarifying. I usually have to apply a heavy night cream after. Get it from Amazon for $10.50


25. Burt’s Bees Lipstick


No matter how much we love our luxury lip balms, there will always be a place in our hearts for the O.G. Burt’s—and now we’ve made some room for these boldly hued, majorly moisturizing lipsticks, too, in each of the 14 versatile shades. Get it from Amazon for $9