6 Convenient Side Gigs For College Students

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July 29th, 2018   |   Updated on January 27th, 2021

As a college student, your schedule is packed. Classes, homework, study groups, remembering to feed yourself, getting enough sleep, and more fill your plate.

Unfortunately, squeezing in a part-time job is necessary for many students. Between working and transportation, making time for everything is a challenge, and your shifts may not line up ideally with your school career.

There are, however, flexible kinds of jobs that allow you to work when you want and wherever you want—so if you have a moment to spare between class periods, you can make some money.

1. Tutoring

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Your college or university most likely offers tutoring programs you can participate in. Not every student in need of extra academic help has time for long-term tutoring, though, and neither do you.

Instead, the internet has given rise to the concept of “micro-tutoring,” where students can post a question online, and professionals or qualified peers can answer them.

Studypool and Preply tutoring are excellent platform to turn to. Some questions are smaller and pay a few dollars, but more complicated ones are worth more.

If you are willing to help high school or other college students understand their calculus, physics, biology, English, history, or different kinds of assignments, why not make a few hundred dollars per week?

2. Freelancing

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Online freelancing sites are also ways to connect with people who need odd jobs done. Fiverr and Upwork allow users to post tasks ranging from quick-second jobs to long-term positions.

They do carry hefty user fees—Upwork retains 20 percent of your profits, so your rates may have to increase to compensate—but if you are adept at writing, marketing, or some other aspect of business, there is probably someone out there who needs you.

3. Starting An E-commerce Business

When Starting An E-commerce Business

One of the benefits of living in the digital age is that you do not have to open a brick-and-mortar retail outlet to sell products to consumers.

E-commerce enables you to reach anyone in the world, so if there are products you would like to sell, why not do it over the internet? In this scenario, you are not an employee, but an entrepreneur.

You can make your products yourself and sell them on Etsy, or you can open up a digital store through platforms like Shopify and outsource manufacturing to other companies.

A dropshipping method is also an option, in which you sell products to customers but do not stock inventory yourself (which means a reduced upfront investment).

Just be sure to partner with efficient dropshipping suppliers and market yourself effectively. Exploring the e-commerce landscape allows you to avoid hefty overhead costs (like rent) and work wherever you have internet access.

4. Data Entry

Motorized Stand Sit Computer Desk

Some companies need help with data entry, organization, categorization, or updating. The work can feel tedious, but you can work from the comfort of your home or dorm room with only your laptop.

Related positions include taking online survey, reviewing apps and websites, or becoming a virtual assistant (if you’re fond of organizing your calendar, doing it for other people might be for you).

They may not pay much, but if convenience is something important to you, then it doesn’t hurt to look into further. Plus, you can avoid car payments and lengthy bus rides!

5. Special Events

Students in the library

Besides online gigs, there are also in-person jobs that allow you to pick up whatever shifts you are available to work.

Special events, for instance, don’t happen every day (in the same area, that is), so if you are willing to work as a caterer and distribute food to guests, you can create a flexible work schedule on weekends.

You can also assist with charity events that take advantage of mobile bidding. You’ll have to get yourself there, but galas, dinners, and auctions are opportunities to benefit good causes and see some incredible venues.

6. Pet or House Sitting

Own space

Watching people’s houses or pets (or both, at the same time) is a convenient way to make easy money that accommodates your schedule.

Taking care of dogs and cats requires a bit of work, but who doesn’t love spending time with adorable animals? If someone needs you to watch their house for extended periods of time, they also might request that you stay overnight, which is an excellent opportunity to get away from whatever tiny dorm or noisy roommate you are stuck with.

If you are a student with a lot to do but in need of extra cash, you don’t always have to resort to jobs that only allow four consecutive-hour shifts. What side gigs do you find convenient for busy college students?