How To Become A Security Guard: Skills And Training

Security Restrictions.

October 17th, 2018   |   Updated on March 22nd, 2024

Have you ever come across a security guard and wondered how they ever got to their position in life? Do you feel you’ve got the same passion to follow in their footsteps? Or are you after some fascinating facts? Let’s delve into the job.

A lot of businesses employ security guards; they are the first line of defense from exterior threats. Their job is to ensure the staff and the building they are looking after are kept as safe and risk-free as possible.

Security Restrictions.

It’s not a job for everyone because you need to have a certain toughness. You need to be able to approach anyone, and everyone easily should an opportunity arise.

To become a security guard, it requires a lot of training and a particular character type. You need to have good, fast thinking solutions and be able to prioritize crucial situations with ease.

Initially, you will need to have some knowledge about security, and you have to understand the idea is to protect human life the right way. A lot of qualifications are required, below is a brief guide of what to expect.

There are various types of exams you will need to take. In these exams you are expected to know all about the following criteria:

1. Awareness And Customer Service

How To Become A Security Guard Skills And Training

This is how you will work with your clients and ultimately learn how to make them feel comfortable with their day to day routine.


2. Responsibilities And Reporting

How To Become A Security Guard Skills And Training

You must demonstrate you know what a security guard must do and must avoid. There will be a lot of situations where you must give logical, practical and forward-thinking outcomes.

Not only must a security guard have a physical presence at their job but they need to learn how to keep an audit, or paperwork account, of any problems that arise.


3. Conflict And Resolution

How To Become A Security Guard Skills And Training

Any disagreements and situations must be dealt with correctly. Not only must you have the right attitude for the job you need to be able to see the bigger picture overall and react accordingly to protect the business who hired you.

Security isn’t just about keeping the exterior away from the company; it’s about ensuring a level of trust between both parties is there. This is where customer service skills are essential too. You don’t want to go making enemies with the delivery man or upset an employee on their first day. The idea is to maintain a friendly, work atmosphere.

You would typically have to do some physical training before fully qualifying. It can be rigorous and exhausting so make sure you’re prepared beforehand by researching on the internet, checking out various blogs from ex-security guards and even joining the gym and hiring a personal trainer.

When you have your license, there are a lot of versatile roles out there waiting for people like you, to apply. It can be a dangerous job, but if you keep the focus on the goal, of protecting and maintaining the business, then it can be a rewarding job.

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