How To Choose A Prom Dress That Matches Your Body Type?

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Published on February 27th, 2019

When looking at a perfect dress it is wise to consider some factors and here are some tips to consider before getting a prom dress

  • Investing time well and start planning well earlier.
  • Budget well on your expenses before conducting any shopping.
  • A few weeks in advance purchase a ready-to-wear or get it stitched to avoid running out of time.
  • A clear understanding of body type and what match it well.
  • Choose a piece of cloth that enhances your looks and complement your body type
  • Dress color should match the theme of your body type

Body Type And The Prom Dress

1. Hourglass

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Most women desire to have such a body structure. In this body structure, one should go for a dress that brings out distinctly your waist and also balances your top and bottom part of your body. When it comes to this body type mermaid prom dresses are the best option.

What Dress Match This Body Type

  • Mermaid or trumpet dress can suit this body type perfectly.
  • Sleeveless dress should also be considered.
  • V-neckline bodice with a skirt which is long flowing which trains down can also be great.


2. Triangle Or Pear

This is something that most ladies workout that is; hips being wider than a bust line. One should go to something that works well on this body type. It is affordable to wear a fitting bodice dress that is fitting at the top.

What Dress That Fits This Body Type

  • Short or long A-line dress is suitable for this body type.
  • Strapless, halter neck is perfect for the bodice.
  • Sheer fabric and something in tulle will give this body type a definition that it requires.


3. Apple-Shaped Bodies

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In this body type, the upper area is substantial, in this case, short dresses should be avoided and go for a long prom dress which is almost best for this body type.

What Dress Match This Body Type

Choose a full-length skirt or one that is at least falling on the knees so as not to attract unnecessary attention.

  • Explore and try dresses which are unique like asymmetrical.
  • A-line dresses have empire line cuts.
  • Illusion sleeveless, deep V, strapless and also halters.

4. Rectangle

Proportionate body type from top to bottom, options for this is limitless since they can go with almost everything.

What Dress Match This Body Type

  • Neckline or asymmetrical cuts
  • A-line skirts which have ruffles and a tight strapless bodice
  • Princess cuts and ball gowns work perfectly too


5. Inverted Triangle

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The upper body is broader while the hips are narrow and waistline is not necessarily defined. One should focus on the shoulder since it’s somehow broader than other parts.

What Dress Match This Body Type

  • Princess dress and A-line perfectly match this body type.
  • Go for short prom dresses with slits
  • Ruffled or peplum cuts are also great


6. Matching Accessories

If prom dresses are in loud color they go with a piece of fine jewelry. Good dance shoes, headpieces, ceremony or party handbags, shapewear and perfect bras make it all pop for you. They complement the looks and should accompany any prom dress.



How To Choose A Prom Dress

In order to choose a perfect prom dress, consider the above tips to make a perfect choice to avoid embarrassments and attracting unnecessary attraction.