5 Ways To Make The Best Resume For A High School Student

Make The Best Resume

July 21st, 2021   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

Today, school students need high-end resumes to apply for summer jobs and internships. Also, if you want to hone your skills further and go abroad for further studies, then creating a resume is a must.

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This article discusses how to make the best resume for a high school student with no work experience. Before we discuss that, first let’s understand what a resume must include.

High School Student Resume With No Work Experience

A well-written resume contains information about your accomplishments, who you are, and also about your hobbies and objectives.

So, when your employer or college administrator reads your resume, they can get a clear understanding of who you are and your areas of interest. Also, they will know all about your educational background and future goals.

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What Important Things To Include In Your Resume?

The following are some of the essential things you must include in your resume:

  • Details about your address, contact, and name
  • Educational information regarding your GPA, SAT scores, graduation date, class rank, etc.
  • Coursework or workshops
  • Academic awards, honors, and other accomplishments
  • Community service
  • Special talents
  • Work experience
  • Hobbies
  • Extra activities

5 Tips For Writing The Best High School Student Resume

Follow the below tips if you want to create the perfect resume for your college or job. These points will tell you how you can make your resume attractive:

Include relevant skills

It is wise to include the skills that are relevant to the particular job. You can acquire these skills from any area like from school, youth group, sports, volunteering, etc. It is imperative to connect your skills and experience to what the job role demands. For example, if the job is for a customer care position, you must emphasize your communication skills.

Use suitable adjectives

Use powerful adjectives to describe various skills you have like leadership skills, team-building skills, or problem-solving skills. You can use adjectives like constructive, diligent, keen, ideal, honest, instrumental, competent, determined, productive and others wisely. However, don’t overuse them.

Highlight your achievements

Employers always prefer achievers over others, so make sure you mention your achievements. Think about your experiences and mention your accomplishments in academics, school projects, sports, or workplace. When doing so, use impressive verbs like challenging, initiated, enhanced, and more.

Be to the point

No one likes long pages. Your resume should be crisp and focus on key aspects. So, make sure to pare down the activities and keep them concise. The thumb rule in preparing a resume is sticking to the limit of one or two pages.

Be honest and proofread

Colleges are quite experts in identifying inconsistencies, and they also don’t mind calling the counselor for verification. So, it is better to be honest from the beginning. Also, don’t forget, proofreading is very important. So, once your resume is done, never forget to edit and proofread.

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Writing a resume can be challenging, especially when you don’t have the required knowledge. The above resume writing tips will help you bring out all the positive points and highlight them to your employer in the most attractive way.