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6 Tips For Making A Successful Job Change

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April 9th, 2019   |   Updated on September 20th, 2021

We change job for better career prospects. Dissatisfied with professional growth and lack of work opportunities also force us to look for a new job. Most of us think it is a temporary occupation.

Why should we pay attention to email alerts about jobs, once we become ‘happy employee’ again? But, even if you have landed a job you so desperately wanted, you still need to know how to make your next job change a success.


Successful Job Change

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Even if you are happily employed in a good company, you have lot of things to do, so that when you want to make another job change, you get the job you want.


1. Note Down Your Accomplishments

What will be your answer, if you are asked to tell some of your accomplishments at the current job? Okay, you can list some of your greatest accomplishments. But what about not-so-small-accomplishments that you might have achieved in your present jobs? How to recall how many times you were given additional responsibilities?

You might have performed additional responsibilities; exceeded your sales target; your sales team might have landed a big contract just because you had provided a vital deal.

You can’t remember your everyday achievements. So, it is better to use a notebook, and note down all of your accomplishments.

This notebook will come in handy in the events of you having no access to your official email.


2. Never Miss An Opportunity To Learn New Skills

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Never miss an opportunity to learn a new program. If you are given a new and challenging task, grab it with both hands. You may not be sufficiently rewarded for this additional task, but you can improve your hireability. All that you need to do is mention such challenging and new tasks in your resume. The rest will take care of itself.

Remember, hiring managers are always interested in those who don’t require a lot of training. You will be preferred to those who don’t show initiative in learning new things.


3. Your Professional Network Should Be As Big As Possible

Everybody in your office should know who you are and what you are capable of doing. How can your colleagues know the real you, if you remain confined in your cubicle, refusing to interact with people outside of your department? Always look for an opportunity to show your real face.

Social gathering, launch hour, etc give you an opportunity to mix with people outside your department. So, it is better to spend lunch hours in communal areas, rather eating alone at your desk.

4. Social Networking Is Important

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Social networking is an important way of keeping in touch with your present and past colleagues. Your old friends from professional field should be aware of where you are placed, and what you are doing presently. If a better opportunity arises, they will be the first to inform you.

It is not a good idea to get back in touch with your old friends when you need them. It is better to stay in touch with them during your happy days. What gives you better chance to stay connected with your friends than social networking sites like LinkedIn?


5. Get Along Well With Your Manager

Your direct supervisor is the most important person in your professional life. Maybe your manager is a tough taskmaster, forcing you to stretch yourself. But, at the same time, he also happens to be someone who helps you achieve your goals.

If you have a strong and productive relations with your direct supervisor, he will do the most unexpected thing. He can recommend your name for a new job.


6. Let Your Manager Know What You Are Doing

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Not boasting about your accomplishment is one thing, but remaining so modest that nobody recognizes your achievement is quite a different thing. Not keeping your manager in loop about your project amounts to committing professional hara-kiri. You should keep sending details of your project to your manager through email.

Soon, you will get a replay from him praising your works. He may even talk about your accomplishment in official meetings and conversations.