Understanding MEDDIC Working Process

MEDDIC Working Process

Published on September 27th, 2022

The original name of the sale accreditation scheme, also known as MEDDIC and MEDDPICC. The MEDDIC qualification methodology is used by the world’s leading sales organizations.

Its strengths are simplicity and depth; MEDDIC will keep sellers on their toes by focusing on the steps necessary to close a qualified deal.

When the MEDDIC qualification framework method is used to complete a value in a business, it will remain relevant throughout its evolution.

MEDDIC qualification methodology is well suited for enterprise sales organizations because it enables them to deal with the needs of multiple stakeholders to make sales and a complex solution to meet their required target.

The word MEDDIC is an acronym representing different states of the qualification methodology, and these are:


Metric demonstrates to prospective customers the financial benefits of choosing your solution over competitors.

The statistic helps the sales team estimate the economic use the client anticipates. If they know what financial benefits the client is looking for, they can demonstrate how their solution ensures a favorable return on investment.

A compelling economic argument brings sales even closer economic buyer: the interaction with the person who has decision control on the funds for PO.

Affordable Purchaser

Find out who at the prospective company has the authority to approve purchases and sign contracts.

Knowing who your teams need to persuade to invest in your sales process because of their veto power depends on your understanding of the decision maker’s thinking, which is typically someone high up in the command chain.

By speaking with the buyers in person, the teams can better understand their expectations, personal preferences, and decision-making process.

The sales team can use the information obtained to modify their solution to make it completely appealing to the buyer.

Decision Criteria

Sales teams must understand the factors that prospects consider when purchasing. Most prospective organizations will receive various proposals, forcing them to choose and make only beneficial decisions.

Understanding how your target client makes findings will help you better tailor your solution to their needs.

This allows for the quick and easy completion of transactions when both parties are satisfied with their purchases.

Decision Process

The decision process informs the salesperson about the purchasing decision and continues until the sale is completed. The salesperson should influence and determine the steps that lead to the prospect agreeing to buy.

When the decision-making process has been selected due to a lack of positive results, deals are less likely to fall through. Because the sales team knows what the prospect company expects, they will work to meet the conditions that ensure a sale to the prospect company.

Recognize Pain

Identifying pain points helps the sales team determine which pain points and products can help prospect companies alleviate them.

The client will not pursue the solution if they are not in pain. As a result, the sales team must comprehend the source of the pain and how their solution can alleviate it.

Pain can manifest itself in various ways, including slow production, low revenue, and high costs.

Following identification, the sales team will inform the prospect of the consequences of not addressing the pain or making the wrong decision and how the solution will address it.


Find out if your possible employer has a representative who can speak on your behalf and has a stake in your success.

The winner will be the person most directly impacted by the company’s issues or who will stand to gain the most if your solution is successful. Because they want their firm to thrive, they will put internal pressure on the prospect to buy the key.

Depending on the knowledge, control, and advancement of each criterion mentioned above in a specific account, the salesperson has access to a type of checklist that is simple to use and memorize.

The study of the sale process will lead to an objective assessment of the qualification of the sales campaign and the degree of confidence in the sales projection.

The unchecked items on the meddic checklist will drive the sales team to the appropriate actions in the account to close the deal.

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