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5 Tips To Increase Online Sales Fast

Increase Online Sales

May 9th, 2019   |   Updated on September 27th, 2022

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When a client wants to create an online store it is clear that what he wants is to sell through his e-commerce. But this is obvious, it is not so simple to increase online sales fast.

There are a series of guidelines or rules that must be taken into account if you want to achieve success with e-commerce.

Before going on, it is important to make a paragraph and make it clear that for an online store to work, in addition to a good marketing strategy and good e-commerce, the product, the price, and customer service are key. That is, not everything is a marketing issue. The first thing is to have a good product like essay help and a good deal with the client.

That said, in today’s post, we will give you 5 tips to increase sales in online stores. You are ready? Take note.


1. Have Your Website Optimized For Google And Your Potential Customers

Online Stores

This means working conscientiously on SEO positioning. To increase sales in online stores it is very important that we work the web thoroughly. And we are not referring only to design, but also to SEO optimization.

It is more than likely that there are other stores in your niche, and one of the keys to buy more from you than others, is where you appear in the search engines. The closer you come to the top 1 of Google, the more likely you are to be the final seller.

And where do you start to check if you have optimized your online store? Here you have a good starting point to take into account. Take note of these essentials.

  • Google Search Console configuration
  • Creating a sitemap or sitemaps
  • Generate and send file Robots TXT.
  • Check the loading time so that it does not exceed reasonable limits.
  • Optimization of titles (h1, h2, h3).
  • Optimization of product descriptions
  • Optimization of urls
  • Label all images with keywords, including long tail.
  • Generate traffic by spreading your content on social networks.
  • Generates content of value with a fixed periodicity.


2. Have A Landing Page Or Optimize Your Product Pages As Landing Pages

To get conversions in your online store the ideal is to have a simple page, with zero distractions, where the potential customer only has one thing to do: buy.

And it will buy because it has found in your online store and on your product page what you were looking for and also sees everything very clearly, well explained, with the necessary specifications and a very simple way to execute the purchase. Or at least it should be like that.

That is, the ideal is to convert the product page into a landing page.

But in case it is still unclear, a landing page is a page created specifically for a potential client to execute the action we want (register, buy, etc.) when it “lands” when clicking from another place.

For example, it is very common for an advertising ad on Facebook, for example, where an online course is announced, to take you, – land – to a landing page with more information about that course (syllabus, CV of teachers, methodology) and an enrollment form.

What do we gain by converting our product page into a landing? Time and money, besides having a two in one very complete.

It is very important that you bear in mind that not always your potential client will reach your product by browsing directly through your website. But a large part of the time will do so directly, either through searches through Google or advertising campaigns, including blog articles.

This means that you do not have previous information about your products or about your brand, so it is important that at a glance you can know everything that is offered if you buy that product that you are interested in and that you have.

For this product/landing page to convert, it is very important that it be attractive, that it has flashy claims and, of course, that the product is interesting.

If you allow me a recommendation, when you design your product/landing page for an online store, try to do A / B testing, and try to see which works better and which one converts more.

It is important to make modifications and test before deciding because without having a solid base it is difficult to know which is the best landing page option. And above all, the most effective way to increase sales in online stores.


3. Monitor Your Loading Speed

Online Stores

How long do you wait before leaving a page that does not load? Probably no more than three or four seconds, right?

That seemingly insignificant time is key to the success of your online store or to the most resounding failure.

Well, that, if you do not want your potential customers to flee in terror, take care of your loading speed. And we do not say this because we are very smart or based on our experience, which also, but are the results of different studies.

One of these interesting studies is done by KISSMetrics and it is said among other things that a second delay in the response of a page can reduce conversions by 7%. You can read more about this study in the article ” How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line ” Therefore if you had doubts, we already solve them in a peep: the loading time does have a decisive and clear impact on sales.

So you know, optimize everything you can to make your page faster than a shooting star.

Before closing this point, and that will make you reflect on this topic, I will tell you that each new visit to your website only gives you between 7 and 10 seconds of your time to know if you are on the right page or if you go to the page your competition.

Conclusion: monitor your upload speed and communicate quickly if you want to increase the sales of your online store. I leave it there!


4. Do Not Pass Asking For Data

For each more unnecessary box that you put requesting data, you have one more possibility also of losing a potential client.

Put yourself in the place of the potential client … how much information do you want them to know about you? The just and necessary. Well, that.

Ask for the right and necessary data and if you can do it with a little right hand or originality, better than better. For example, when ordering the address, you can put … where we take your order, instead of the usual address box.

In conclusion, do not go crazy asking for a profession, company, and even your grandmother’s ID if you really do not need it to make the shipment and process the purchase.


5. Make The Purchase Process As Easy As Possible To Increase Sales In Online Stores

Buying Clothes Online In India

The rate of abandonment of purchase (percentage of people who start the purchase process and leave without finishing it) is the worst nightmare for owners of online stores.

But … How Can We Stop This Percentage?

For one of the simplest ways to reduce the drop, rate is to simplify the registration and payment process.

This point goes in the same line as the previous point, that of the client’s data. Just as you have already learned not to ask for unnecessary data … we are not going to design a complex purchasing process with many stages, each one more cumbersome.

Why? Mainly because in each of these free stages of more than you add in the process of buying your online store, you run the risk of losing your potential customer.

In short, if you can, try to condense all the information on the same page and simply have a later stage that is directly the payment gateway. Fast and effective.

We hope that these tips will help you if you are at that critical moment of … why my ecommerce does not work?

And if you are about to launch a project as exciting as an online store, remember to take these tips from speedy essay into account or put in the hands of professionals like us.

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