The Fallacies About Breast Lift That Should Be Shrugged Off Immediately

Misconceptions About Breast Lift

July 18th, 2018   |   Updated on May 25th, 2022

Breast augmentation and lift has become very common in the realm of cosmetic surgery and the number of patients going for it is increasing rapidly. From 2000 to 2017, there has been an increase of about 41% in breast augmentation and as much as 99% increase in breast lifting procedures.

Fallacies About Breast Lift

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This swift increase shows that people are becoming more open towards these cosmetic surgeries and rightly so given that the advancements in the field have made the procedure safe and accessible to many. The Bellesoma method is one of such wonderful advancements. It was developed in 2010 by Dr. Gary Horndeski.

However, there are still many myths and fallacies surrounding breast lift that either discourage the patients from opting for the surgery or encourage them for all the wrong reasons.

Here are a few of such misconceptions :

1. Breast Lifting Increases The Breast Size

Breast lifting and breast augmentation are two different things. Breast lifting only lifts the sagging breasts and makes the breasts firmer while having a minimal effect on their size. If you want to increase your size, you should opt for breast augmentation.

However, depending on the severity of sagging, you may need implants to get upper pole fullness. An increasing number of women is opting to combine augmentation and lifting to get a complete result. However, in the case of Bellesoma, it is possible to get upper pole fullness without the need for implants.


2. Breast Lifting Leads To Loss Of Breastfeeding Capability

The amount and size of incisions on the breasts and nipples depend on the sagging of the breasts. There are cases where the incision damages the milk ducts.

However, a key advantage to the Bellesoma Method and with an experienced surgeon as Dr. Gary Horndeski you should be able to avoid any such damage. Using the preoperational 3D blueprint software, the incisions made with Bellesoma avoid cutting the ducts and retaining the ability to breast feed.


3. Exercise Can Help Get The Same Results As Surgery

While exercise and healthy eating can help get a fit body in general, breast sagging is a natural process and thus exercise cannot help recover from sagging breasts.

However, exercises do help in delaying sagging due to age. But there are many other factors that can lead to sagging. Thus claiming that exercise, or even any creams or supplements for that matter, can give the same results is misleading.

With the risks being lowered considerably by the Bellesoma Method, Dr. Gary Horndeski has given more of a reason for patients to be more open towards breast lifting and breast augmentation surgery.


4. Surgery Results Are Forever

Conventional breast lift surgery corrects the sagging by removing the extra skin and using implants for upper pole fullness. Unfortunately, it does not change that elastic capabilities of the skin and thus with time the skin will sag again due to the weight of the breast and the implants.

The Bellesoma Method offers a longer lasting result since it does not use implants for upper fullness, but rather a woman’s own breast tissue to create a new breast strucutre to fill the upper pole. The new breast structure is then secured to the chest muscle that sits directly below the breast. With the chest muscle now supporting the breast weight, it produces much less tension on the skin creating results that are far more long lasting.


5. Breast Lifting Leaves Heavy Scars

There is no surgery that doesn’t leave scars. If the skin is removed, it will need to be sutured back and that would mean scars. However, with strategic placement of incisions, the scars can be blended in with the creases and thus made less visible.

The Bellesoma Method provides a surgery with minimally visible scars by strategic placement of incisions around the areola and in the crease of the breast to give you the best aesthetic and most durable results.

The field of Plastic surgery has come a long way to make the procedures safer and the results controlled. You should consult an experienced doctor and clear all your doubts before undergoing the procedure. An expert surgeon and a careful healthy course towards recovery will help you get the results you want.

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