Perfect Diet: Eat Less Of Everything To Lose Weight

Habits To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

June 3rd, 2019   |   Updated on March 4th, 2020

Whether it’s the Atkins or the Paleo diet, it seems our search for a perfect diet to lose weight will never end. But now a leading geneticist Giles Yeo has come up with a very simple solution to dieting – saying we should eat less of everything and not ‘blindly’ count calories.

Giles has his six top tips for losing weight in his book ‘Gene Eating: The Science of Obesity and the Truth About Diets.

Here Are Six Tips Offered By Him For ‘achievable’ But ‘difficult’ Weight Loss Task:

Lose Weight

1. ‘Chip away at it a little bit at a time’

2. ‘Eat less of everything’ – but not to cut out certain food groups unless you have an allergy

3. ‘Don’t demonise and exclude whole food groups, unless medically warranted. Too much of anything is bad, and too little of anything is also bad.

4. Food that takes longer to digest will travel further down the gut and make you feel full

5. Eating more unsaturated fats, including avocado, nuts and olive oil

6. ‘Don’t fear food, it is ‘better to understand food better and work with it, rather than be afraid of it.

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‘Gene Editing’ Debunks Many Myths About Diet And Dieting

Lose Weight Quickly

His well-timed new book, Gene Eating, debunks much of what we might have taken as read about diet and dieting. It presents the evidence to show that any kind of one-size-fits-all regime is likely to be of little value. Yeo is ruthless in his book in demolishing some of the fad diets that have made their “inventors” rich.

  • Calorie-counting ignores the fundamentals of calorie absorption and is at best a very rough guide. Much of the trick is to find what works for you.
  • Everyone should at least try Vegan if only to stop being afraid of eating vegan.
  • The idea that you should eat alkaline – drink pH9 water or whatever – has absolutely no scientific truth.
  • The detox diet is the one that actually costs a lot of money though.
  • Orthorexia narrows your diet and, if you break the rule, leads you into that cycle of depression and despair of other eating disorders.
  • White rice gave me the highest sugar spike of anything, but bread not so much. Everyone would be different, with those peaks.

Six Pain-Free Ways To Cut Calories Outlined By Dr Giles Yeo

1. Crunch On Crudités

Calories in vegetables such as celery, carrots and mushrooms rocket up by 500 per cent – from six to 30 – when cooked until soft. Cooking breaks down the cellulose in plants, normally indigestible by the human body, allowing the calories to be absorbed.

2. Enjoy Steak Rare, Not Well Done

Cooking a steak for only a minute or two can save a fifth of the calories, compared to preparing it well-done or mincing it. Steak cooked fully or braised breaks down muscle fibres in the meat, making the calories in the protein easier for the body to absorb.

3. Chicken Is As Healthy As Tofu

The 100-calorie difference between a chicken breast (160) and 100g of tofu (65) is negligible by the time both are digested. Chicken also remains in the digestive tract for longer than tofu, keeping you fuller for longer.

4. Go Nuts For The Unroasted Sort

A 30g pack of almonds delivers only three-quarters of the 188 calories listed. Studies by US researchers showed that a quarter of the calories in whole, unroasted almonds were not absorbed after participants ate them.

5. Put Fat In Rice To Protect You From Its Carbs

Cooking rice in three stages could slash the calories by 60 per cent. First, add a teaspoon of coconut oil (fat) to boiling rice. Next, leave it to cool overnight. Finally, reheat the next morning.

6. Eat A Big Breakfast

Dieters who eat their biggest meal for breakfast and smallest for dinner are almost ten per cent slimmer than those who do the opposite. Our metabolism has evolved to be most active in the day, so we burn fuel – or food – more effectively then and are less likely to store excess calories as fat.

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