Testmonitor Alternatives 2022: 10 Best Test Management Software


Published on February 23rd, 2022

TestMonitor is a SaaS-based app that provides a user-friendly, complete test management system. It can establish repeatable testing structures, link the requirements to their delivered products and also create an auditable trail for quality assurances.

It also offers a simple and intuitive approach that lets you test with quality and insights. TestMonitor can take your test management to a new level and help in improving your manual testing processes.

TestMonitor Features

Run Your Test

TestMonitor comes with an easy-to-use interface that is perfect for software testers. The tester can get a personal to-do list that shows all the planned test runs that are assigned for him. Now execute the test runs at any place, time without any significant experience. You can capture a screenshot just by using a copy-paste.

Manage Your Tests In One Place

The TestMonitor comes with a test case editor that is built to get the tests up and running in a matter of minutes; This makes the managing of large amounts of test cases relatively easy.

Get Testing Within Minutes

There is a simple interface that is suitable for the software testers. Now execute the test runs at any place and time without any prior experience.

Planning: Milestones And Test Runs

You can use milestones in the project to down important events for the team. Schedule the sprints, iterations, releases, and organize the test runs while getting a grip on the project planning.

Update Test Case Details On The Fly

You can choose the desired test case and start with the editing. TestMonitor is created so that the software testing process becomes faster, more efficient, and structured than Excel.

Track Test Results

Get an overview of results for every test run or zoom into detail with results for each test case. Monitor results over time: see how they improve, remain stable, or decline.

Get the overview of all the results of each test run or zoom the details with the results for all the test cases.

Monitor Your Planning And Progress

You can view the outcomes of every test case and use the filters to see your results for every milestone, metric, or requirement shown in TestMonitor.

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TestMonitor Alternatives

1. PractiTest

PracticTest is a simple QA management tool for Agile testing, and it allows IT organizations to provide visibility and communication. It also helps the project development teams streamline and manage the testing processes, all the while providing the management with a clear and straightforward view of the project status.

If you are using a bug or issue tracking system, PractiTest will integrate with the present systems like JIRA, Bugzilla, Redmine, etc.

PractiTest does not rest, and you continue to develop the software while you keep up with the trends in the testing world.

2. SpiraTest

Instead of buying separate requirements management, bug tracking, and testing tools, you can choose a common platform. SpiraTest gives a complete quality assurance testing solution. It manages the project’s requirements, bugs, issues, test cases through one integrated environment.

With the SpiraTest, you could sort down from each of the requirements and find out how many of the test cases have ideally validated the functionality. With their integrated bug tracker, you could trace those bugs back to their source requirements.

3. QMetry

QMetry is the next-generation test management tool that could help you tackle all the concerns and more based on the business objectives. It is designed by the test engineers, specifically for the test engineers.

The main reason why OMetry was started was to allow the test teams to just focus on the testing processes without worrying about the installation of the product, learning the process, and spending time in generating reports.

The QMetry supports their installed version and the hosted instance as well. This hosted instance allows access from locations, all the while eliminating installation and supports dilemma and backup of the test assets. If you have large projects, you can use their installed version.

This product comes with a dashboard with real-time updates and quality metrics, allowing everyone to get updates about the project. Apart from that, QMetry provides version control that can record all the modifications, additions, or any deletions that could be viewed to see all the historical details of the testing efforts.

4. Rapise

Rapise has an open architecture that gives you the flexibility to extend as well as customize automated testing and meet any kind of test needs. Its adaptability means an improvement in quality and time reduction to the market.

Users could modify and extend any key functions and customize the aspects of its recording and test execution behaviors just by creating custom plugin libraries through JavaScript, their most used scripting language.

When SpiratTest is used with Rapise, you can manage a complete Rapise Global test lab from the central SpiralTest server and thus have a complete set of reports and dashboards that contain all the automated testing results.

5. CloudQA

CloudQA is a web test automation tool. It can support monitoring, regression testing, load testing features that allow the users to monitor the websites and identify any broken or slow site interactions, along with testing complex workflows in multiple environments with multiple data sets.

With the Cloud QA software at your disposal, the user can create and manage hundreds of tests that include cross-browsers data-driven and UX-driven load tests.

Users could install CloudQA’s extension in the Chrome web browser and record test scenarios. This recorder also captures the user actions as they move through the site and identify any navigation issues like unresponsive features, failed web forms, faulty shopping carts, glitchy web elements, sluggish page performance, and more.

CloudQA also allows the users to reuse their tests and perform cross-browser testing and functional regression. Users could also schedule the tests or run them through API.

6. Test Modeller

The Test Modeller is a collaborative requirement, modeling, and test generation engine. It has intuitive flowcharts that sync data from across the SDLC, maintaining living documentation of complex systems.

The flows communicate the requirements to the developers so that they do not repeat design mistakes. They can also generate test cases and automated tests, thus avoiding testing bottlenecks and catching bugs that will make it to code. Test Modeller creates a quality culture from the requirements to release creates better designs, tests, and codes.

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7. ProdPerfect

ProdPerfect helps the engineers in solving the most critical issues of testing as you know what is vital to the test. ProdPerfect’s ML-driven technology stops the creation of suboptimal test cases that can lead to waste engineering effort and to the production bugs, creating tests that will cover only what the users really do with the data-driven test creation.

The ProdPerfect streamlines E2E test automation for web apps by building and maintaining browser-level regression suites through the analysis of the app’s live user data.

ProdPerfect auto-detects the user behavior patterns and deploys test codes that will repeat those patterns in a test environment through CI/CD. With time ProdPerfect maintains and evolves the test suite with this application.

8. Perfecto

Perfects is a mobile app testing software that is designed to help the business of various industry verticals like retail, banking, finance, insurance, media, entertainment, tech, etc., test apps on different OS and devices.
It even lets the users automate the processes related to advanced test scenarios and access the browser versions and devices as per the individual requirements.

Some key features of Perfecto include cross-browser testing, maintenance, test failure analysis, remote access, debugging, test authoring, etc. With its smart test execution capabilities, the teams could manage to test across the web and mobile platforms through a single script and conduct parallel testing for large test suites, as well as design, advanced user-based test scenarios to accelerate app release cycles.

9. T-Plan

T- Plan is testing software that is designed to help the businesses conduct various tests on multiple devices and platforms that include a web browser, mobile, and desktop.

It comes with a T-plan Robot enterprise that lets the admins automate the processes at the graphical user interface levels by recording and replaying optical character recognition, object detection, and multiple image search capabilities.

Developers may use the T-plan on their Java-supported operating system and perform application testing on platforms like Windows, iOS, and Android.

Quality testers could replicate real-world actions across the devices to understand its end-user experience and navigate through gestures like pinch, zoom, tap, etc. It also allows the businesses to record their actions and generate the scripts to playback the recorded tests in the future.

10. Cerberus

Cerberus is open-source testing software that guides businesses to automate their testing of websites, applications, API, and much more. It also allows IT Professionals to create custom testing libraries and execute the tests through continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipelines.

Professionals could use Cerberus’s built-in test management module and organize the tests, define the use cases, add labels and tags to the testing groups and even provide role-based access to the specific users.

This application also allows the managers to configure the settings to conduct manual tests, automate the workflows, create tests by reusing the previously generated test steps. It comes with many other features like defect tracking, data logs, analytics, data import/export, compliance management, SSL security, and more.