How To Trim Videos Using Window 10 Video Editor

Trim Videos Using Window 10 Video Editor

February 26th, 2018   |   Updated on May 23rd, 2020

Are you looking for a way to cut off that awkward laugh at the beginning or end of an amazing video or cut an interesting clip out of a filmed event? From creating fun videos for your YouTube channel to family videos, getting the perfect video requires time and there are small clips that you will want to trim off.

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The Windows 10 built-in Photos app has an easy to use tool to help you trim videos. This is the perfect video trimmer for basic editing. You don’t need to buy an expensive video editor for simple videos you need to create.

You should note that the only video editing tool in the Photos apps is Trim, which is designed to manage and edit photos.

If you want to access to more video editing options, you will have to important your video clips to another editing program. Here are easy steps on how you can use the Windows 10 video editor to trim your videos:

1. Open the video file you want to trim with Photos. Go to the video you want to trim in File Explorer. Place your cursor on the video and Right Click. Then proceed to Open with>Photos. You can also launch the Photos app from your computer’s start menu and find your video by scrolling through the albums.

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I would prefer the first method because the Photos app doesn’t organize pictures into folders. That means that you will have to find it in the albums generated by Photos or scroll through your collection. Aside from that, the explorer allows you to filter and watch movie file types. But you cannot do this in photos.


2. Place your cursor on the video to get the menu to appear on the video. Click the Trim icon which is next to the trash icon.

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3. You will see three circles on the lower part of your screen. The two small white circles indicate the start and end of the clip. Drag these circles to the section where you want to trim the video. Each time you move one of these circles, a text showing the selected length of the clip will appear just above the marker.

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The larger circle shows your current position in the video clip. Drag it around to see if all the important details have been included in your clip. If not, go back and start trimming the video again until you get the right clip.


4. Once you are done with the editing, and ready to save, simply click the floppy disk icon in the menu and the clip will be saved as a copy, leaving the original video as it was before.

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NOTE: Photos will only allow users to trim their videos, i.e, they can only cut a clip out of a video and make it a new one on the base of their original material. Users who want to edit sound track, add video effects or add subtitles to their videos will need to use a more advanced video editor.

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